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Kabin is a short experiment in making a horror game, I recently finished working on a project for several months and had a few weeks left before halloween so decided to see what I could make in that time.

I tried to play with light and shadows as the main theme.

Kabin is the End result!

Hope you enjoy.

Tested and Optimized currently on:

Minimum Recommended Settings (Ultra Settings) 30-40fps

-intel core i3 dual core 2.5ghz, 8gb Ram, Integrated intel Hd 520 Graphics

Dev Machine: (Ultra Settings) 70-90fps

-Amd quad core 3.5ghz, 16gb Ram, GTX 1050ti 4gb discrete GPU

v0.0.7 Optimization Update Changelog:

-Following Lets Play by ProofReadFire
    -Halved the dynamic lighting (Torches now use pre baked lighting, reduced light count in lighter and candles from two
    point lights each to a single light, instead of two flicker colours each light randomly selects one of 4 colours per flicker
    cycle, increasing colour depth and halving lighting overhead)
    -Doors can no longer be 'grabbed'
    -added 'glint' to initial key to make it easier to spot
    -added a collision volume to wall torches to make lighting easier
    -reduced wall torch count, reasons cited 'less light is scary' and 'number of dynamic lights induces lag'
    -increased intensity for burning candles (intensity will drop but not so dramatically)
    -increased intensity for zippo (illuminates a greater area but not too much)
    -Reduced candle to count to prevent player induced lag (from lighting literally every candle they come across)
    -rebaked level lighting to improve optimization
    -reduced cycle count between crowbar hits to allow it to hit more often

Previous Version Changelog:

Recently updated to v0.0.6 after a great lets play by EyeDisconnected games! check them out on Youtube!


-Updated collision on Crowbar so it doesnt get hooked on geometry

-added pointer system to indicate whether an object can be picked up/extended/interacted with

-updated attenuation and intensity on wall torches to make them illuminate a greater area, additionally did so with the lighter

-lighter no longer gets dropped when lighting candles

-added additional torches to the lower levels

-changed the held item location, brought it closer to player and offset to the right to make it easier to see what you are doing while holding larger items.

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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