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Kings of Israel

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Overwhelmed by hordes of invading nations – and a series of corrupt kings – the fate of Israel is balanced on a knife’s edge! The Northern Kingdom’s only hope is that a band of prophets can cleanse it of evil and idolatry before the wrath of God does so – permanently.

Based on the strategic board game of the same name, Kings of Israel takes place in ancient Israel during the reign of its kings up until Israel’s destruction by Assyria. The player must use their team of prophets to fight evil growing within Israel, while trying to build the altars needed to win the game. Life will not be easy for the team of prophets! Each turn evil grows within Israel, idols may be built, and chaos continues every turn a bad king leads Israel. But if the player plans well, and uses their actions and resources carefully, they will prevail and go on to new, and more difficult, battles!

Here is what some critics are saying about the Kings of Israel board game:

"Kings of Israel is an excellent little game.” -Tom Vasel of Dicetower.com

“A great, solid, cooperative family game…” -“Rahdo Runs Through…”

“We think this game is a total win.”
-Couple vs Cardboard

The Kings of Israel video game expands on the board game version of the game by allowing the player to level up the difficulty to the game as they play. For those interested in learning more about this period of time, a Bible Study mode can be enabled to ask questions at the start of each round pertaining to the kings, locations, or events during this period of time in Israel. Finally, detailed statistics of each profile's win/loss record are available to view at any time.
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Alastair John Jack
Lance Hill
Funhill Games
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Kings of Israel reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Of Course, from the side of the game may seem incomprehensible, and to all Ocoloreligioznoy now accepted with distrust, but believe me: it is worth reading. Its Principle is quite simple and at the same time it is very complicated in passing. So, we have a map of ancient Israel Old Testament times, in which several cities and there is a line of time, represented by the reign of certain kings (yes, it seems that the ancient Jews measured their time as kings, as modern Americans presidents). During this time, you have prophets from one to four, which before the expiry of the term must have time to build a certain number of altars. Also in each turn there is a stage when on settlements the dark clouds embodying sins are crept up and if they are typed a certain quantity, on this place grows idol. If sins or idols become too much: you lose. You do Not have time to build the number of altars before the expiry of the term-lose. There's another nuance, though. Time is not easily calculated by kings. Kings are bad and good. With good kings, we get a card with a blessing, which somehow makes life easier for us, and in bad with punishment, which complicates it greatly. Our Prophets also have several types with their abilities and they can break idols or expel sins, but the number of their actions per course is limited (sometimes even stronger because of punishments), and many actions including long-distance movement requires spending Certain resources that drop randomly. All This makes the game by no means overloaded as it might seem, but interesting and variative. In Addition, we can optionally play the quiz, answering questions on the old Testament or turn on the false-prophet regime, when our prophets will confront the false, able to scatter additional sinful clouds (though, there is already some mazochism). This game provides a real challenge, which does not seem to sell and provokes the work of thought! I've only been able to win it a couple of times, but it gives me the motivation to try again and again. I Do not know much about the games about Israel or the okolobblosi motives and this one of them. And It is much simpler than the other variation of the "Twilight confrontation" (Twilight Struggle), but as far as I know, unlike her "Kings of the Izraylefi" never translated into Russian, which is unfair, because they also deserved it. Oh, and there's A pretty cool atmospheric muse. Certainly lovers of unusual turn-based strategies, tinctures or just people interested in the topic of Israel is recommended to familiarize. Rated 9 out of 10 or so.
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