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A long, long time ago lived the most beautiful woman in the world, Luna. She had beautiful blue hair and gorgeous, tanned complexion. Her big eyes could charm every man and woman with one sweep of her lashes.

But there was also a goddess, Mimosa, who was jealous of Luna. She was so jealous, that she turned Luna to stone and took her in the middle of a labyrinth, so that no one could ever see her again and be enchanted by her beauty, and everyone could continue worshipping the goddess again instead!

According to the legend, Luna would turn back to her old self if the bra on her would be removed. Many tried, but a great deal of them got lost in the labyrinth. Those few who successfully navigated their way through the labyrinth and found Luna, failed to remove the bra however, and had to give up in the end. But Molly, our protagonist, has decided to break Mimosa's curse and save Luna from the stone! Because Molly has a few tricks up her sleeve and knows how to get the bra off.

Unfortunately the game might not work properly if screen resolution is not 1920x1080!

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Last Modified: May 18, 2020

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