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M4 Tank Brigade is a classic game of single player World War II Armored combat simulation game with thousands of unique combat missions in solo play!

M4 Tank Brigade also allows players to go online for FREE and play armored combat against other players while commanding not one but four armored vehicles at the same time!

M4 Tank Brigade takes strategy and tactical maneuvering to position your armored vehicles to capture territory and defeat enemy forces. You can send your vehicles on separate missions. You can jump into any vehicle at a critical time and place to insure victory. Your skill driving and shooting from that vehicle could insure victory! You can also call in artillery barrages and air strikes to smash enemy positions. The map shows friendly and enemy forces over a very large area, including other friendly and enemy players in the online game. Coordinate with friends to position your forces for victory!

M4 Tank Brigade is a simulation based on World War II Armored warfare. M4 Tank Brigade is not an arcade game but a simulation game that takes some real learning, great tactics, and forward thinking to play and win!Solo & Online VersionsM4 Tank Brigade includes both online and offline games.

The offline "campaign" game for solo play includes various regions that gradually "unlock" as you play. Within each region, each battle has randomly generated forces, objectives and starting positions to insure each fight is new and different.

The online game is set in a virtual battlespace where the overall tide of war ebbs and flows between two fictional nations, "Gold" and "Purple." The warfare is continuous, until one side or the other conquers the dozens of objectives across the battlespace. If either side is short of players, the game "fills in" with AI tank units to help. Even if there are no other players, the AI for each side picks objectives, attacks and defends. There is always a fight somewhere, and you as a player can make a difference in the battle.

During the first few release phases of this Early Access game, the online game has no extra charge.
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iEntertainment Network
iEntertainment Network
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 4 GB available space
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 4 GB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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M4 Tank Brigade reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Early Access Review The Impressions of the game is very controversial, but still minuses more, so I will not recommend. Correction from 20.11.2015 will Start with Cons: 1) In the game completely absent such notions as armor, armored penetration and ricochet. The Outcome of the hit depends solely on the house and the area of the tank, which hit the projectile. To Destroy a panther, having got from М4 А1 to it in the top frontal detail under a wild angle with 1.5 km-easily! To Get without visible effect at right angle from 500 m in PzIV from М4A3-is also easy. For The Tank sim is the most fat minus, especially for such, where the pluses are not very much. (This aspect now turns out, not so unequivocally) 2) Working ballistic grid of a sight on which it is possible to define a range up to the target, only on a tank М4 А3. On All other tanks you have to shoot at the arrow. 3) No choice of shells. We shoot a single universal ammunition with an infinite ammunition. (on the queue in the update) 4) Control... This is hell, with only a few buttons involved. I did not have to Adjust the aiming on the mouse. On the keyboard It is too sharp, because played on the joystick + keyboard, because not to build control completely on the joystick I also did not work... Fixed 5) Movement of tanks. Dynamics and speed as in cars. The same Sherman flies in the crossed terrain 39 miles per hour (65km/h, while he has a maximum of 48km/h on the highway). We should not Go as we need-you can only stand or fly at maximum speed. Fixed 6) When stopping, the sight and the tank do not a couple of fans, shaking vibrations, and shake as an epileptic, came on the bare wires. Fixed 7) Ballistics. The Sensation that it is taken from the Baldy and shells fly at a speed of 400-500 m/sec. Apparently it is. 8) Weak Multimedia part. For me this is not a problem, because any 3d can be configured through NVIDIA, and the sound in the heat of the battle is not so pay attention, but many of this minus the game will not even look. 9) For Such a crude game the price is clearly inflated. Now the pros. Surprisingly, but they are)) 1) Realistic combat distance. 2) Realistic terrain. 3) Damage System without HP. 4) Combat Atmosphere. Thanks to the first three pluses, the fourth is obtained by itself. It is not "CS on Tanchikami" with shots from behind a corner, and Immenno tank sim with shooting on 1 -2, 5km, on a rook which for search of shelters it is necessary to read, instead of to take and to pick up a corner of a rock or a wall. Battles massive and in them plunge with the head, forgetting about the disadvantages of the game-I even changed my mind to get a refund)) In General If you do not suffer to play the game is about tank battles, and not in CS on Tanchikah, if you do not scare all the listed cons, then Welcome. The Rest is better to wait tanks in IL-2 BoS or wait for the developers of War Thunder to work on the SB mode, which is not likely (LOL). PS: Do not be fooled by the fact that "the game is only in early access"-information from the network says that the game for at least 3 years. But, as it turned out, the game really work! UPD: 7.03.2016-The last time the developers appeared in November 2015 and no more about them, and they do not hear anything. It is Quite possible that the project is simply abandoned, so the prospects are gloomy.
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