MacGyver - Order of the Vulture

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It's time to test your stealth skill as the Phoenix Foundation agent from the 80's MacGyver. 

The game is in the early access / alpha stage of development.

How to play:

W, S = Move back & forth and strafe left to right.

A, D =  Strafe left and right.

I = Open inventory. Click on an item if you want to prepare to throw it. Crafting is explained later.

C = Crouch.

R = Roll in the direction you want with the A,W,S,D keys and only while crouched.

E = Pick up items, enter vehicle, pick locks and taking out wire from certain targets, IE old fridges, radios, snack machines, computers etc.

Left click = Knock down an enemy.

Right click = Throw item. Not every item makes a noise to distract guards.

Use the mouse to look around.

ESC = Open up the in-game menu where there is a cheat to enable the enemies visual field. To start a mission, run to the phone in the house boat kitchen.

Crafting MacGyverisms:

To craft an object open your inventory using "I" key on your keyboard, then drag and drop materials onto the 'Materials' window and your tool onto the 'Tool' window. If you will get the recipe right after pressing craft button, an item will appear in your Inventory. The bottom text field will inform you about the item you have created.

How to play:

In the demo version, MacGyver needs to find a phone to complete the mission. To knock out a guard, sneak up on them and then left click. Then you can tie them up with a wire.
To equip an item to throw as a distraction for guards, click on the item in the inventory, and then right click to throw the item. 

Any 'donation' over $5 will be considered a pre-order for the full version. Any 'donation' under $5 will go towards development.

For more information, please view the development log.


Tobop Productions

Programmed by:
The Knights of Unity

Additional programing by:
Tobias Fromme
Rodrigo Magnus

Theme Music:
Randy Edelman

Additional Music: 
Eric Matyas

Thanks to:
Christian Petry
Fox Delta 3D art visuals
MacGyver Online

Special thanks to:
David Zlotoff


Release date
Tobop Productions
Age rating
Not rated
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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