Middle-earth: Shadow of War reviews

Clunkier and messier than the first game.
Fun new tools to play around with but the novelty wears off quick with all the blind repetition
This game is kind of whack.
It starts out absolutely awful, dropping you into the middle of an open area with nothing but a horrible plot to guide you. Systems get introduced way too quickly with no time to actually apply them before the next one gets brought in in a boring mission.
Then Chapter 2 hits and you get to enjoy the Nemesis system, being thrown into crazy situations and ambushes by a cast of pretty fun and varied Uruks over visually appealing areas. Then around the 20 hour mark you start to notice the jank you ignored before more frequently. The dropped inputs in combat, the horrible camera, Talion getting stuck on nothing, the abysmal attack tracking wasting one of your executions on a random grunt instead of the meat sponges the captains quickly become, the lack of actual weaknesses on Uruks worth exploiting, the horrible mount controls (especially for drakes) and the absolutely mindnumbingly boring plot and characters.
I recommend this game, but I don't think it's worth finishing. Hop in, have a couple fun hours working your way through Uruks and then uninstall it again.
The nemesis system is so fun to play with.
I tried the movies three times. Book one time. Didn't like them. I did like the game..
I'ts a really cool sequel, nothing exceptional.
«Sit back and relax»
Shadow of War was a pleasant surprise. I liked the first one but didn’t think this sequel was going to add anything new and I thought it would seem old. I was wrong. They added new systems that worked very well. The nemesis system was very fun. The combat in this game was very enjoyable. You can play stealthy or full out. There are plenty of environmental effects which are well done. Capturing bases was a welcome addition. Overall I can’t think of anything that this game does exceptionally well, but it also doesn’t miss the mark anywhere,  except for the story, which I didn’t care about but you don’t really need to care. There is plenty going on to motivate you. If o was to pick one word to describe this game it would be “Solid”.

Final Score: A-
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Where is the End? A great Game with slight Gameplay weaknesses. Normally I would even recommend the Game, but there are two significant defects that do not make the Game highly recommended. I have been able to forgive many small Mistakes, such as crazy Logs around or the confusing camerawork in Battles or Sieges. As a Fan of the first Game, things that can be coped with. BUT:-The first devastating Mistake is LOOTBOXEN! Why do the Makers want to pull the money out of the pocket of honest shoppers in every way they can? We already pay €60sam for Games and still have to sheet to get better INGAME Products. Where are the old Days of the looten & leveln? Wiso explore the beautifully inzaminated World if I can buy anything directly. The biggest cheekiness, however, comes when they are not only optical but also Game-relevant items or Orcs that can be purchased. Generally: Leave the mist with the PaytoWin! Extremely bad Development! -The second Mistake The End Misses! Without great to Spoilers ... Big is announced that the last Fight is coming. Yes right, he came without End. What is being tried here? Did the makers have been Afraid you could play through the Game too quickly? Did playing Time have to be artificially dragged out by unnecessary Grinding? I don't know and may never know. May just be my Opinion, but I find it really ridiculous. As much as I don't feel Like it anymore and just look at The End at youTube. Or is there perhaps a LOOTBOX for £1.99 in which the Finale is in it?
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Microsoft from Deutsch
This Game is first of all really fun, great combat system, great Ideas good story. So why a Negative Review? Quite simply, what makes this Game is the Fighting and creating of its own Army of Orcs. You have the opportunity to recruit Orcs or get them into Boxes. The Orcs are divided into 3 Categories, Normal, Epic and Legendary. Once you have conquered a Fortress, you can now occupy it with its Orcs. Now to what completely destroys this System: Let's say you are lvl 43 and the Legendary Orc you loved, the Overlord of your Fortress and vll even pulled out of a Box with real money is lvl 35 (the Orcs lvln unfortunately not in the game). Then, in order to keep your Fortress Current, you have to level this Orc. You can do This by getting him to fight in the Pit (Arena) or sending him on Missions. But be careful that Game doesn't just let your beloved Legendary Orc level like that, no, you send him into the pit he will lose Against an Orc of the 10 levels under him and has the Rank normal, which IS VOLLKOMMEN Sensuretive and Frustrating since the Orc of yours Super Legendary Orc defeats not once ascends, no he remains a normal stincarknormous orc. If you want to avoid this and send him on a Mission to kill another Orc, the Legendary Orc you have won so dear will eventually stand up against you and betray! So the Whole thing is simple. You are at a higher Level than your Orcs, do not stick to leveln on your Orcs, ON Gold boxes with real money, Gold Boxes with real money make fun and are easy, buy Gold Boxes now, because your current Orcs are lost anyway. Buy Gold Boxes!