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Recently we shared a story from Middle-earth: Shadow of War (https://rawg.io/posts/5). It seems that the game lives its own life: there are lots of stories of unique encounters with orcs everywhere on the Internet. And we got an idea to collect all your stories in discussions and share it with everyone who wants to learn more about the game. The coolest story will bring Middle-earth: Shadow of War Expansion Pass to the teller!

What you need to participate in the contest:
1. sign up at RAWG.io
2. start new discussion on the Middle-earth: Shadow of War page, and tell your unique Nemesis story → https://rawg.io/games/middle-earth-shadow-of-war
3. share the story to your Facebook or Twitter with and mention us (@rawg_io or https://www.facebook.com/rawgtheworld/)
You can add screenshots and Youtube embeds of your story. We will rate both the history itself and the reaction to it. So call your friends for support! If you have more than one story, share all of them!

The competition will last until November 7, 2017. On November 8, we will choose the best story and give the winner Middle-earth: Shadow of War Expansion Pass for XBox, PlayStation or PC.

The game is already known for the orcs enslaving system that generates events at times more captivating than the plot itself. Orcs are no typical NPCs, but characters with backstories, passions, and conflicts. The internet is already full of funny and gruesome stories about orcs, but there's one that stands out.

Matthew Gault of Motherboard did really bad. So bad, that he decided not to play “Middle-earth: Shadow of War” ever again. He met Horza the Dead in Cirith Ungol in the beginning of the game. The orc was immortal. At least, he claimed that. That's why Matt decided to kill him. Below is what happened next (go to Motherboard to read the story in full → https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/bjve9q/middle-earth-shadow-of-war-orc-slavery-lord-of-the-rings):

“I wanted him in my army but this was before I'd learned how to subjugate orcs to my will, so I slaughtered him in the street assuming he'd make good on his promise to never die. He did. Hours later in the lush forests of Núrn, he found me.

He found me. I was hiding in a bush and there he was. […] I beat him down, broke his will, and made him my personal bodyguard. Later, he gave his life yet again protecting me in battle. And then he came back to life.

I was on my way to start another quest when he found me again. He wasn't the orc I'd fallen in love with, but a twisted wreck. His body bore the scars of his recent deaths. The bone galea was gone, replaced by a wrought iron mask enshrining his broken features. Stitches criss-crossed the limbs he lost in his most recent battle. Someone had sewn him back together.

He was furious with me for leaving him behind, for forcing him to fight and die, for using him so badly. We clashed, I won and I reached into his mind to pull him back into my fold but he resisted. So I killed him. Again. Hours later, he found me. […]

I pushed the button to shame Horza and his mind broke in my hands. He screamed in pain, gibbered, and said, "When is my rest?" Over and over and over. I tracked Horza through the forests of Núrn and found him near a cliff muttering to himself: "When is my rest?," he repeated in different intonations. He begged, he pleaded, he wondered aloud to himself. I pulled him close to me, dominated his weakened mind, put him in my orc stable, and immediately shut down the game.

I haven't played it since. I can't get Horza the Dead off my mind.”

The end, kids!

Now, share you stories, while we pretend not to cry about Horza the Dead.