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Moustache Mountain

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It is said, that an ancient civilization once made a Moustache Gel so good, that noone could resist you after you had applied it. All was good for them, the girls loved them, the men admired, and they were on track to conquer the whole world, however a terrible sickness once struck them, and wiped out all, but one man.. With his last breath, the last living man of the ancient civilization, managed to climb the highest flying mountain and hide the last remaining Moustache Gel there..

Now many years later, You, a Young Moustache Enthusiast, have heard of this legend and want to go on an adventure, to climb this mountain and find the magical Moustache Gel! But it will not be as easy as it might sound..

Make your way through 15 increasingly difficult, randomized levels to the top of the mountain. Avoiding hazards and traps, that the last man had set for future invaders. No 2 playthroughs will be the same, so you will have to learn to notice the traps in the environment, and hone your jumping skills to the max to overcome this challenge!

Features -
Local co-op where you can race to the top of the mountain with your friend!
Beautiful high-resolution pixel-art!
15 levels of increasing difficulty
Every playthrough is different thanks to randomization
Global leaderboards so you can compete for the fastest times
Steam Achievements and Trading Cards
Release date
Nauris Amatnieks
Nauris Amatnieks
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 256mb
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 300 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: Internet connection, for global leaderboards
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Reach the top without dying!
Start a new game 100 times!
Gold Cup
Finish the game in under 3 minutes!
Bronze Cup
Complete the game in under 5 minutes!
I Like Blood
Die from all traps!
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Moustache Mountain reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Nice little Platformer, which for genre professionals can probably play through within 10 Minutes. You control a bearded Protagonist And try to climb the Top of the Mountain. In The Game, all it takes is a Button to Jump. So quite straightforward. You also use the Wall Jump, in which the snorted Gentleman gets stuck briefly on the Wall to master almost unattainable Passages at first Glance. The Game is not working with my Steam controller at the moment. I tried to make my own Configuration but unfortunately to no Avail. But Since I received it yesterday, it may also be up to me. When I connected my PS4 controller to my Notebook with Cable, it worked flawlessly. With Keyboard, I Don't think you need to try it at all because it's already difficult enough. All in all, a minimalist permadeath platformer with nice Graphics at a reasonable price. Update: I have now managed to configure my Steam controller for this Game with The help of the really nice developer. Really a nice Guy.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
With Moustache Mountain you have a Platformer That just feels perfect. I wished for this really great mechanic for a lot of other 2d Platformer ' n ' runs. I Never feel that a Death can be traced back to the Controller. In addition to the great Mechanics behind the Game, the Pixel Graphics are also really well done even if you don't have much variety but for what the Game wants to be it is totally legitimate to remember the Essentials. All in all, you have a super Learning Curve and each Run is slightly different from the previous ones. Grade Friends of Speedruns should long inspire Moustache Mountain as a Game for in between. A Run might take 2-3min of how good you are and every Time you want to do better. Even as Training for other 2D-platforming ' n ' Runs, Moustache Mountain is really well suited to tune in first. I also often play it when you want to bridge time or to watch something in the Background like Movie, Series or YouTube/Twitch. Price/Performance is absolutely fine. For €2 I got a lot of Fun and Fans of Platformer And Speedrunners are certainly not disappointed.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Of Course, this Game is not the Revolution of the Platformer Genre, but This cannot be expected at this low Purchase Price. What I expected was a Game that can keep me entertained for a few Hours and that motivates me to start Again and again to undercut my own Best time. Those Points, in my Opinion, have fulfilled the Game very well. I got used To the Mechanics after a short Time and was thus able to concentrate on going through the individual Levels faster and more confidently. Due to the random Levels, too much Routine did not come up right away and I was always surprised by new Passages. However, I would have liked the Selection of Levels to be greater. Also, random Elements would have been good For the individual Levels, such as differently placed Traps or otherwise arranged Rocks. The Graphics I feel very pleasant and beautiful and perfectly appropriate for this Price. Still, a little more Diversity would surely have done the Game good. I recommend this Game to those who value solid Platformer Mechanics while going High-score-hunting for a few Evenings. In my Opinion, however, one should not expect More than that either.
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