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Necronator: Dead Wrong

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Modern Wolf presents Necronator: Dead Wrong, developed by Toge Productions, the creators of the Infectonator series and Coffee Talk.

Those instructors at the Undead Academy don't understand your talent. Why trudge your way through years of training... when you could just make a deal with an evil ancient demi-god? Choose a unique commander and join forces with the Necronator to conquer the Livmore Alliance and restore the Necronator to his former glory.


  • The dead rise at your command: Collect and power up undead units to deploy onto the field in exciting, fast-paced lane defense RTS combat. There are over 20 units, each with upgradeable powers and synergies with other units. Refine and swap out units in a deck-building-style meta-game.

  • Dark paths to tread: Become one of several distinct commanders, each with powerful spells and a unique unit. The commanders all have their own reasons for seeking the Necronator, and their stories unfold in different single-player narrative campaigns, co-written by former Fallen London scribe Chandler Groover.

  • BAAA-ttle to the death: Invade the realms of Livmore and defeat the forces of good arrayed to defend them. Send your Skeleton Archers, Demon Fiends, and Gorkling Bombers to crush Livmore's Clerics, Steel Golems, and... fluffy rams?!

  • A treasury of terrifying totems: Discover unique game-changing relics that twist your commander's powers in shocking and unpredictable ways.

Do you have the tactical smarts, quick wits, and moral flexibility it takes to become the Dark Lord of Livmore? Find out in Necronator: Dead Wrong!

Coming in Early Access

Necronator: Dead Wrong will launch into Early Access in 2019. The game will launch with 1 commander and campaign, and the first two tiers of units, but we will add more over the ensuing months as we take your feedback and make Necronator: Dead Wrong the best game it can be. Our roadmap includes:
  • 5 unique commanders with their own narrative campaigns
  • Many more undead and human alliance units
  • 4 distinct biomes with different gameplay effects
  • ... and more surprises in store.
Toge Productions
Modern Wolf
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7 or later
  • Graphics: 2GB memory
  • OS: Windows 7 or later
  • Graphics: 4GB memory
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Triple Perk
Use Triple Cast on a Perk Utility Card
Took em Long Enough
Allow a Battle to last 8 minutes
Gothic Princess
Reach Level 10 as Mirabella the Doll
I Hate These Cards
Use Redraw when you have 8 cards in your hand
General of Death
Reach Level 10 as Number 7
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Trying out Necronator: Dead Wrong! (RTS Deckbuilder)
This. That. This, This, That.
Necronator Dead Wrong
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Necronator: Dead Wrong reviews and comments

the idea is funny BUT!?!

Audio effects 3 / 10 not horrible but quite there.

Difficulty 3 / 10 extremely easy and repetitive and at some point half-way done the difficulty spikes 

Gameplay 5 / 10 nice graphics useless but nice to see 360 camera but enemy look all the same and upgrades don't seems to make them look different missing description during gameplay so if you forget how much does a unity good luck. 
your Cards upgrade are not intuitive at all.

I might say skip it BUT if u have money to wait and have 20min to spear meaby you will enjoy it for that amount of time but remember is a rouge-like is a game ment to progress on evry time you die so you wont never complet the game in that ammount of time 
«Waste of time»
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