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Necronator: Dead Wrong review
by Sno

the idea is funny BUT!?!

Audio effects 3 / 10 not horrible but quite there.

Difficulty 3 / 10 extremely easy and repetitive and at some point half-way done the difficulty spikes 

Gameplay 5 / 10 nice graphics useless but nice to see 360 camera but enemy look all the same and upgrades don't seems to make them look different missing description during gameplay so if you forget how much does a unity good luck. 
your Cards upgrade are not intuitive at all.

I might say skip it BUT if u have money to wait and have 20min to spear meaby you will enjoy it for that amount of time but remember is a rouge-like is a game ment to progress on evry time you die so you wont never complet the game in that ammount of time 
«Waste of time»