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Phantom Doctrine

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Set in 1983 during the Cold War, Phantom Doctrine is an alternate history thriller in which players lead The Cabal, a secret organization dedicated to fighting a global conspiracy committed to controlling the world by pitting world leaders and nations against one another.
Throughout secret missions, classified files investigations and enemy agent interrogations, peel off layers upon layers of a sinister plot and save the world from a somber future. If you can.Features
A rich alternate history plot anchored by historical events and characters, bringing the chillingly relevant Cold War reality to life from a unique point of view.
Next-generation turn-based combat: Unprecedented flexibility of movement and actions, variable overwatch modes and assault-oriented Breaching ability
Expanded battlefield: position assets around the world and call for assistance in the middle of battle when you need it most. Just remember, the enemy can bring their own reinforcements, heavy weapons or even air support and their toy box is much bigger than yours.
Knowing is half the battle: scout mission locations ahead of time, infiltrate with undercover operatives and improve your odds. Elite enemy agents with their own agenda are always ready to spring their own ambushes.
Go loud or go home (stealthily): fully-fledged stealth gameplay with silenced weapons, silent takedowns and cutting-edge Cold War era security technology. All this makes completing entire operations clandestinely a viable option.
Run your own counterintelligence organization: recruit subjects of top secret government experiments, operatives of the world’s secret services, KGB & CIA included, or even criminals. Manage a global operation, securing weapons, resources and contacts. Command from a distance or go hands-on to fight for the real stakes.
Actively pursue the truth: research cases, locations and individuals in Investigation Board gameplay mechanics to uncover new missions, resources and technologies.
Employ technology ruthlessly to your advantage: learn from the enemy or research your own methods for brainwashing, interrogation, body engineering and chemical enhancement.
Customize your operatives and then do it again once they need a new identity: forge documents, change appearance, retrain them for lethal effect and send them back into the fray.
Replayable, modular campaign with an array of mechanics to ensure unique and markedly different playthroughs: generated character names and backgrounds, modular and algorithmically populated maps, randomized intelligence snippets.
A highly replayable, story-driven campaign with meticulously designed and adaptable maps.
Two stories to choose from: a KGB counterintelligence operative or a CIA wet work commando who have to come to grips with the truth and challenge the conspiracy, with an additional New Game Plus protagonist.
No mission too big, no mission too small: enter a bustling government facility undercover to assassinate a target with surgical precision or mount a heavy frontal assault on an enemy staging base. With optional objectives closely linked to a mission’s complexity and opportunities like loot and intelligence to collect, there are decisions to be made at each step.

Release date
CreativeForge Games
Creative Forge Games
Forever Entertainment, Good Shepherd Entertainment
Age rating
17+ Mature

System requirements for PC

7 / 8 / 10
Processor: Intel i5 Series
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX
Storage: 20 GB available space
Additional Notes: TBA
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Last Modified: Nov 19, 2019

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Phantom Doctrine reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
It's just not what it looks like. Looks like XCOM, as mentioned often enough, it definitely isn't. The Tutorial Still plays very fluently and interestingly, but unfortunately it stops. The setting can be emphasized positively, which at first Glance seems new and makes You want more, unfortunately this one, like so many, has not been consistently penetaled. Like many other Aspects, it's a Mix of many that makes you lose track at the End. You could start to complain about the Graphics, which would not be justified with an (indie) title, although it certainly doesn't look good, the Animations contribute to the rest of it. You could still look beyond That, but I personally felt left alone in the first Few minutes. A Trial-and-Error Menthality Emerges that makes all Pleasure pass in serious Decisions. There is no Overview of what needs to be done at all, Agents can be moved on the Tactical Map, but what one, at which point, where exactly should make, remains unclear. So you are only smarter when you have really let go for the first time. When should you choose which mission, what Research To do, everything seems willful and confusing. The Consequences are not shown at first. Within a Mission, the whole thing gets worse, whereas the Tutorial was, of course, simple, the sharp Passage seems a complete Mess. What Character should be used as, how important is Cover at all, what Armament, Equipment and Capabilities are involved in the first place. This sounds like Mimimi at a high Level, but it's just not Fun to play a Game where you have to powder your Butt to the Developers for every Explanation. It is simply Neither Intuitive nor Self-explanatory, user-friendliness Misrepresentation. This can probably be expected today at least in the best of Ways. On the Contrary, you select any Types before the Mission, about how important it is to have different Skills, which exist at All and how important Bonuses are on trained Weapons remains a complete Mystery. However, This is just the Beginning. In my second Mission, I was allowed to start with three Agents, about 60 LP each. The Opponents, loosely twice as many, with 90 Points each. Seems half as wild if Cover would somehow matter and the Game would not consist of it in his Turn to use the first Point of movement to run around an Opponent and then shoot, otherwise it can't be any other way, otherwise you can do about seven, instead of six damage Makes. The whole Build-up just doesn't make Sense. You are thrown into the middle Of a Mess of Mechanics such as Vigilance and Focus, questions why opening a Door costs a Point of movement, why Agents can sometimes only move five Fields, why you can only finish a Train after each Farmer also Finally in place is why the Overview through Levels is so Modest, why the Cover Fire only triggers when an Opponent runs directly through the one marked field and not directly next to it to wipe out the entire own Troop with a Grenade and why curses There is no Melee to carry through the stealth Theme, there are only marginal. From the Point of a Mission you just have to start bowing around, or running through a Camera, the Consequences seem marginal, but from The catch the big dying on and it can't be the Point of the Matter, crawling on the Gums, without arms and Legs, as the only Surviving the Unit shredded by a Grenade to be hurled into the Rescue Zone, only to wave the fallen comrades with the Stump from the Loading Area. Why is a loose (perfect) downplay like XCOM (it falls again) not possible? A lot of (small) points in total, but these break the whole Game. You probably have to have cobbled the whole thing together to understand the strange Decisions and Mechanics. If you have at least tried to play it, you will be left with the Certainty that there will certainly be a hundred great Ideas in this Game, but you will forget to explain them. Each of them has become a Diligence beaway when it comes to me but does not earn any Money. One is simply accustomed to other things, so the Mechanics here make no Sense, seem to be half-thought and brought to an end.
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