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Plants vs. Zombies GOTY Edition

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This is a casual tower defense game from the PopCap Games studio. The main characters are homeowners who, with the help of plants, protect their garden from the invasion of zombies. The game was ported to all kinds of consoles, including mobile platforms.

In Plants vs. Zombies player places on the playing field of tower-plants, which automatically bombard attacking zombies. The main goal is not to let the undead get to the house. The towers are distinguished by their effectiveness against a certain type of enemies and the attack modes.

The game has several modes: in addition to the usual singleplayer campaign, Adventure Mode is available where a player can earn currency for in-game upgrades. The battle layout also changes throughout the game: it starts on a simple backyard and advances into more complicated night levels and etc.

The game has a lot of references to the works of popular culture: for example, inscriptions on tombstones are taken from Monty Python's "Dead Parrot sketch".

System requirements for Nintendo DS

System requirements for Nintendo DSi

System requirements for Xbox 360

System requirements for PlayStation 3

System requirements for PlayStation 4

System requirements for PS Vita

System requirements for Android

System requirements for iOS

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor: 1.2GHz+ processor
  • Memory: 1GB of RAM
  • Graphics: 128MB of video memory, 16-bit or 32-bit color quality
  • DirectX: DirectX 8 or later
  • Hard Drive: 65+MB of free hard drive space
  • Sound: DirectX-compatible sound

System requirements for macOS

  • OS: Mac OS X 10.5.8-10.6.x
  • Processor: Intel Core Duo 1.66GHz+
  • Memory: 1GB of RAM
  • Graphics: 64MB of video memory, 16-bit or 32-bit color quality
  • Hard Drive: 50+MB of free hard drive space
  • Sound: Standard audio
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Last Modified: May 24, 2024

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Apr 18, 2023
Not sure if this is rare, but I just want to show it
Apr 17, 2023
Day #12 of drawing Plants from Pvz black n' white cause I am too lazy to buy crayons
Apr 18, 2023
10000 IQ move on PopCap’s part
Apr 17, 2023
Sorry for shakey camera, but this was really badass!!!
Apr 18, 2023
Quick hint: its not any hero in pvzh or any class in pvzgw or pvzgw2, its in a chinese game
Apr 18, 2023
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Plants vs. Zombies GOTY Edition reviews and comments

«GOTY» is an expanded version of the game «Plants vs. Zombies» game, which differs from the original by the ability to earn achievements and create your own zombie (Zombatar).

This is an arcade game that offers a unique and captivating gameplay experience, combining elements of strategy, puzzles, and «Tower Defense». Developed and published by «PopCap Games», this game quickly became a cult classic thanks to its original approach and enchanting atmosphere.

Players are tasked with defending their home from waves of zombies using various types of plants, each with unique abilities. Each plant has its own characteristics and effectively fights against specific types of zombies. Strategic placement of plants and skillful resource management are key to success.

The game offers various gameplay modes besides the main campaign. These include mini-games, puzzles, and a survival mode. Mini-games add variety and challenges, while the survival mode provides players with the opportunity to withstand endless waves of zombies at different difficulty levels.

The graphics feature bright, cartoonish visuals that create a unique atmosphere of a world overrun by zombies.

The amusing character design and intricately crafted locations make the game appealing to players of all ages.
«OST on repeat»
If you've never played plants vs zombies you should
ive been in love with this game since the first time i played it as a 7 year old
«Blew my mind»
«Beaten more than once»
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Very good Game. I already play it a boredom and it's really a good something if you have Boredom! I Can only recommend!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
If you're looking for a good Tower Defense Game or just a nice Pastime, just take a closer look at Plants Vs. Zombies. It's captivating, offering shrill Figures and numerous Features that guarantee long Fun to play. Have the Game on my Apple iPhone 4 for on the go and it's really Fun! But be warned: The Risk of Addiction is not to be underestimated! :]
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
A Timeless Classic However, on STeam the SPiel is only available in English ... If you were simply to take the existing Voice Files (Is there on your Phone and on Origin in loose 20 other Languages) and insert here I would be very connected. In addition, you could pull the Image Ratio on the whole Screen and not with two gigantic Bars left and right. Nevertheless, total Purchase recommendation as this Game is simply unnormal Fun 9/10
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Good Game for In Between The Game scores with lovingly designed Animations as well as Ideas and has a wide range of content. Personally, the Game tied me to the Computer For many Hours, because you still wanted to create a Wave and then a Wave. :-D (especially since I'm still playing it again and again) Positive-lots and nice Humour-many chic Plant species-inventiveness-music at a whim-lots of very funny and entertaining Mini-games Negatives-About Steam only in English to be preserved-Stinky the Snail does not collect the Coins when taking the Garden Leaves Conclusion: For me a clear Buy recommendation, ALSO for the Full Price!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
It's been five long Years since I first played through Plants vs. Zombies, then on the iPod Touch. And in those five Years, the Game has lost none of its entertaining Gameplay and its very own Charm. Here, quite zombie uncharacteristic, there are no bloody Splatter Effects or Spikes of Violence, but comparatively harmless zombie deaths. Not caused by ordinary Weapons, but by Plants. Laund-based, one tries to destroy the zombies with the ever-growing plant arsenal, from shooting Peas and Fungi to Melon Catapults. But opponents also increase from Level to Level, producing curious Species such as a well-protected football zombie or a pole vaulter zombie. In addition, the Environment also changes with increasing Duration and later offers a Pool in the Garden as well as night and Fog levels, which have noticeable influence on the Course of the game. In addition to the actual Campaign, there are a Number of nice Mini-Games that can easily tie you to the Game for an hour or another. All in all, a Recommendation for an inexpensive Classic.
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