Race Drivin'

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Race Drivin' is a driving arcade game that invites players to test drive several high-powered sports cars on stunt and speed courses. The game is the sequel of 1989's Hard Drivin' and was part of a new generation of games that featured 3D polygon environments. Unlike most racing games of its time, it attempted to model real world car physics in the simulation of the movement of the players car. Like Hard Drivin', the game was unique among video games in that it included a true force feedback steering wheel, an ignition key, a 4-speed shifter, and 3 foot pedals (an accelerator, a brake, and a clutch (the clutch being a control seldom seen in any video game, then or now)). Released in August 1990, approximately 1200 units were produced at the time of its release for roughly $9000 each. It was ported to a number of home systems in the mid-1990s, and in 2005 it was ported to the PlayStation 2, GameCube and Xbox as part of the Midway Arcade Treasures 3 collection.

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Atari Games
Walking Circles
Argonaut Software Ltd.
Time Warner Interactive
Atari, Toy Headquarters, Tengen
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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