Games for Atari ST

Atari ST is a series of home computers made by Atari and a successor to the Atari 8-bit family of computers. The original model, 520ST, became the first personal computer to feature a full-color graphical user interface. Aside from 520ST, 12 more models were released. The series gained popularity among different groups of consumers, from office workers to musicians. The gaming aspect was not the main selling point of the system, but, combined with relatively low price, also affected positively on sales, making it an accessible computer for households. More than 600 games were released for Atari ST. Many different genres were presented on the platform, from RPGs and shot em’ up to auto simulators and strategies. Some of the most popular and well-received titles include Falcon, Another World, Starglider, and Xenon series among others. The first-person RPG Dungeon Master was not only the most popular game but also the best-sold software on the platform overall.