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Red Faction II

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Red Faction II is a first-person shooter by Volition. It is the second part of the same-named tetralogy. The games of the series are traditionally divided into the categories by the genre. Red Faction II corresponds to the first section which includes the first-person shooter gameplay.


The game takes place straight after the first chapter. The setting is the same — Mars in 2080, five years later than the events of the previous part. The story circles around the narrative of the rebellions on Mars, caused by the dictatorship of Sopot who rules the Mars for the past few years. Sopot follows a logic of uniting the Commonwealth community and the United Republic. The player is representing Alias — the protagonist must put an end to his dictatorship alongside with the other five team members.


As the player proceeds through the levels the encounter obstacles which they may overcome in many ways: explosives, shooting and even puzzle elements included. The game also features vehicle and melee combat — your jeep may be modified and melee weapons acquired through the boss battles. Every battle differentiates from the previous one and grants the players the unique loot. The title also features local multiplayer which is playable through the 40 levels with the real player or the set of bots.

Release date
THQ Nordic
Cranky Pants Games
Outrage Games
THQ, THQ Nordic
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • Operating System: Windows® 2000/XP
  • DirectX Version: DirectX 8.1
  • Processor: Pentium III 500 MHz or greater
  • Memory: 128 MB RAM
  • Video Card: 3D Graphics Accelerator Card (16 MB)
  • Sound: DirectX 8.1 Certified Sound Card
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Kill 25 enemies with the CRS-60 or precision sniper rifle without using their scopes (cannot be completed in multiplayer).
Kill 25 enemies with the JF90 HMG (cannot be completed in multiplayer).
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Unlock all the entries in the Gallery's Enemies menu (cheating may disable this trophy).
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Kill 25 enemies with the CAR-72 on full auto (cannot be completed in multiplayer).
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Red Faction II reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Having read the breakthrough of negative reviews, I was upset-already on the second part managed to merge the series, which I just started to like. But put still put-"at least run and shoot." It's been a Long time since I was wrong. Red Faction 2-is an unusually lamp, fun and drive game. The Atmosphere is much better than the first part, and the extraordinary vitality and composure of the hero is finally grounded-we play now not for a simple miner, but for the super-soldier, who manages, the whole game without saying a word, have a character, Motivation and charisma, be a reliable comrade and simply remain human. The Weapons are still a lot, and since we are also playing for the Demoman, the grenade launcher ceases to be a weapon of the extreme case and takes its place of honor on the frequency of use next to rifles and shotguns. Some weapons I would dare to count superfluous, but to the gift horse in a teeth do not look – have given, so rejoice. As for so zealously condemned short locations. They do not irritate absolutely. Transitions between locations play a role of conservation points and do not make the world of the game uryvonym and incoherent. But you can't get lost. The Developers have done everything to make the game process enjoyable and non-burdensome. New bright characters, nice graphics, destructibility and colorful locations. The Plot is thought out and you no longer have to turn a blind eye to how the miner in an airtight suit, allowing to swim under water, can breathe nerve gas. In General, a great toy. Let's See what will be given to us in the next parts, but for now it remains only to leave the praise and sometimes return-"run and shoot."
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Red Haltur 2 Having Read the reviews for this game, I do not understand those who do not understand why it is scolded (sorry for the tautology). The only excuse for good reviews on this "masterpiece" only a sense of nostalgia, when being a naïve schoolboy, played all that, and everything seemed classy. In fact, even estimating it by the standards of the early 2000s (remember at least Call of Duty, BattleField 1942, The Elder Scrolls III and a bunch of other beautiful projects), Red Faction 2-terribly boring, stupid and primitive game. If the first part, which also does not shine, but still, still able to lure, the second loses it in all parameters. This is a completely prefixal shooter in the worst traditions (was developed for PS2 and last but not for PC). Cons are contained in every aspect of the game-boring secondary plot, blunt dialogues, template cardboard characters, dull gameplay, short linear levels (in the PS2 operative-something a little), absolutely non-grasping soundtrack (unlike the 1st part), Instead of multiplayer limited modes with bots! (Again, unlike the 1st part, where there is a full multiplayer). Even The main feature of the series-destructibility-here almost nowhere is used. Interrupted videos of disgusting quality, and the finale, which is stated 4 pieces, it-oh God-the same video with a change of voice. Of The pros, if you can call them, it's a bonus section, with a bunch of artts and various 3D models from the game. I can Not imagine Masochist, who passed this "work" only to open all the bonuses (enough to drive the code in the existing Cheat menu). In Defense You can add that there are games MUCH worse, but it does not make it a decent game, and even more worthy of the successor of the 1st part. Steam for some reason counted me only half an hour of game (probably, because of rusification), in fact, on passage spent about 4-5 hours. Technical problems on Windows 10 did not arise, except that the rollers refused to run, had to install codec-Pak-helped. Verdict: If It were not for the famous name Red Faction, this haltur would have been forgotten and buried forever and ever.
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