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Reload is a realistic weapons and tactics trainer for one to four players that also happens to be a super fun, super fast playing game.

Reload is one of the most accurate shooting training simulators ever created and is all about recreating professional shooter training. Watch your marksmanship improve as you learn to shoot the way the pros do. Go through 35+ training scenarios including Hostage Rescue, Sniping, VIP Protection, and Olympic Style Shooting competition. You’ll learn to use small arms, grenade launchers, Vehicle Mounted Heavy Weapons and more.

Players start on an indoor range, firing at stationary targets. They then move on to test their speed and accuracy with long-range outdoor drills, moving targets, and reflex drills. In the process, players unlock additional medals, gear and rewards.

From the target range it’s on to ‘kill house’ style simulated villages, embassies and homes for tactical training in insurgency suppression, hostage rescue and VIP protection. You’ll be honing your skills on foot with a variety of weapons, and from the turret of a .50 cal mini-gun mounted on a moving M998 troop carrier.

Next stop is sniper training where you’ll test your skills against a variety of targets. And of course, also on the menu is Olympic style trap and skeet shooting.

  • 120+ medals, rankings, and achievements
  • 35+ Scenarios including Hostage Rescue, Sniping, VIP Protection, Olympic Style Shooting, Heavy Weapons and more
  • 25+ weapons and accessories
  • Co-op multiplayer play for up to 4 players and Head To Head Play for 2 Players (one machine)
  • High quality graphics designed for 1080p
  • Steam Cloud, Leaderboards, and Achievements
Release date
Top3Line s.r.o.
Mastiff, Mastiff LLC
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows Vista/XP/7
  • Processor: Single Core 2.4GHZ
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Geforce 6800 or Radeon X700
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Swat Expert
Play 10 shoot house levels in a row without hitting any civilian targets.
Rifle Expert
PLATINUM medal achieved in each rifle drill.
King Of The Hill
Play all shoot house levels with no civilians shot and all bad guys eliminated.
Shotgun Expert
PLATINUM medal achieved in each shotgun drill.
Pistol Expert
PLATINUM medal achieved in each pistol drill.
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Reload reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Reload is a arcade FPS target range game. You can compare it a little with NES Duck Hunt game. Only thing you do is shoot... and hit targets only using the mouse. Maybe it sounds a little boring only on the contrary it a lot of fun. You have different modes to play though. Basic targets, moving targets, disk shooting and a lot more. Not to forget all the different weapons you may use in the game. After a while you become good at the game and it becomes even more fun to play the game. Game looks great and gives a beautiful but disturbing effect while playing. I play the game at low resolution. There is no online multiplayer only old school hotseat mode. I think game like this are great with lightguns like from the consoles or arcade. That gives that piece challenge and effect that a game needs. I know I played too much Time Crisis on my Playstation 1 system. People who have played these games on there consoles or arcade machines they know what i'm talking about. It is a fun game but has no real depth. I give it 6/10 score. And new stuff like online co-op multiplayer. *** I used a free review key provided by the developer *** If you liked this review or want to see more recommended games, be sure to follow our curator group: Follow Original Curator Group
Translated by
Microsoft from French
No time 🥄 (+ 1.5) fun and relaxing. What more to ask this style of play? For a "game from Greenlight" it is very satisfying. ________________________________ schedule (this is a personal feeling-without 🍴🍹.)-No, no, no, no. negative evaluations) (+ 1) 🥄s Please just a spoon to taste (+ 2) 🍙🥄juste a bowl occasionally but not every day (+ 3) 🍙🍣🥄rudement good in its genre but... But! (+ 4) 🍙🍣🍱🥄miAM excellent, just missing a little qqthing! (+ 5) 🍙🍣🍱🍹😍 (you I don't know but) up to the indigestion ________________________________ the time of a coffee a nice rail-shooter (reminiscent of a little time crisis) with a short solo campaign composed of replayable missions. So yes, it is only possible to zoom in with the sniper rifle and unfortunately impossible to use the iron sight. And the game is short, only 2 to 3 hours to complete the main campaign. But make no mistake, the game is not bad for as much and you can spend good moments of relaxation by short session. It is quite varied in terms of missions and weapons. Very clean, no bug to report. And really we don't get bored. So then, is it worth €5? I'm not sure. But if you find it a day at-50% you will not regret it if you like the genre. A-75% no hesitation. In short + the screen resolution is well supported from 800x600 to... large current screen. + Works perfectly on Windows 8.1 64 bit. -A local multiplayer on a single screen (yours at home) alternating but no "real" multiplayer. -Not easy to check out his best scores on each mission, a slight handicap. -Keyboard-mouse or keyboard-mouse, not reconfigurable in-game.
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