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Residue: Final Cut

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Residue is a story-driven 2D platform adventure in which you control three characters with different abilities, exploring an abandoned excavation site in the remains of the Aral Sea in present-day Uzbekistan. Once the fourth largest lake in the world, the Aral Sea is now an arid wasteland, a victim of decades of Soviet cotton irrigation. To some, it is the prime example for humanity to stay out of nature's business. To others, it's a world waiting to be saved.

  • Real-world setting: The vanished Aral Sea in Central Asia, peppered with artifacts of an all too real history.
  • A world imagined: Eerily detailed, vibrant HD art, closely based on photos from the Aral Sea and filled with secrets.
  • Something to say: Experience a non-violent, thought-provoking, fully voiced story concerning the cost of saving worlds, without giving up control.
  • Exploration: Explore an interconnected game world using three characters with very different abilities.
  • Variety, variety, variety: From climbing to exploring to diving to navigating pitch-black corridors, integrating new gameplay elements at every turn.
  • Captivating Soundtrack: With many vocal tracks and an ethnic vibe, composed and produced by Joel Bille

From every disaster, new heroes emerge. This is the story of a suicide mission, an impossible attempt at restoring the Aral Sea. In the late 90's, a disgraced Russian oil tycoon found an underground secret that could save the dry basin. The sea would not be changed. But for the team assembled to work the miracle, life would never be the same again. Ten years later, the survivors' paths begin to converge. Something is pulling them back to the Aral Sea.

See every side of the story
Residue has a story itching to be told. We have done it in the way that only video games can – by putting you in the middle of the action at all times. Resisting the temptation of a clear-cut protagonist, Residue carefully juggles you to let you see every side of the story, alternating between three characters with very different abilities - each one able to reach places the others can't - and very different ambitions. At times they help each other, at times they are in opposition. Sometimes both. Nobody said things weren't complicated.
Did we mention Residue is crazy about the little details? While the main story may take you between two to three hours to complete, you can search for hours for all the little hints and references to real world events, as well as dozens of hidden collectibles and all-round secret content.

Always in control
As seen in our previous, much smaller game They Breathe, The Working Parts are devoted to telling stories in new ways while keeping interactivity at the forefront. That's why Residue isn't a point-and-click, but rather a visceral platform adventure where you're always in control, whether you're monkeying around the ship graveyard or diving through underground tunnels, navigating old Jumagul through dark corridors with a flickering flashlight, or ascending the side of the gigantic stranded drillship with Nikolai's makeshift grappling hook. Around every corner, Residue will show you something new.
Release date
The Working Parts
The Working Parts
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 2 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 240M or better
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 700 MB available space
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Residue: Final Cut reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Adventure in The Aralsee Residue beats out of line and that's exactly what I like! Gameplay In "Residue: Final Cut," we move through a 2D World that shows a bit of Openness, but still follows a linear Course. Apart from the Prologue, we play 3 Characters. The young Emilio can jump, climb and dive while the old Jumagul can only walk around slowly, but has a Flashlight. Nikolai, on the other Hand, owns an Enterhook and can still dive. The Game is divided into 3 Acts, but the Character Change is flying and happens very quickly and we are constantly changing Perspective. I really liked the Style Of play as it's an unused Gameplay. There are minor Puzzles, but they are easy to solve, so you can also get through with the Game after just under 4 Hours. However, it probably takes a second Run to find all the Documents and Artworks. Story The Game trades on or in the predominantly dried-up Aral Sea, which was diverted by the Soviets in the 60S. As a result, the River dried up and ecological and economic Slumps occurred in the Area around the world's fourth largest Inland lake. The Game and the Surroundings are therefore very much in line with reality and many refishable Documents teach us something else. With this In mind, the young Emilio and his Grandfather Jumagul set out in search of Emilio's Mother, who had worked with a Crew to restore an ecological Balance. In the process, they meet Nikolai, who was the Chief of this Expedition and experience Many Retrospectives of what happened in the Past. The Game attacks many deep Themes such as Loyalty, Self-sacrifice and, of course, family. The Story is really well written, in the End I had damp Eyes as the Game goes into emotional Aspects a lot. Also cool: The Text is completely translated into German, but has a few Spelling Mistakes and especially some Letters, especially Umlauts are presented strangely. Graphat/Sound Residue reminds me of a typical 90s Adventure. The Graphics look quite pixelated, but the Artwork looks great. The Game offers a desolate Environment, but it is very much inspired by the real Aral Sea, the Developers were on Site. The Melody often seems rather bleak, the Music is rather held back for important Moments or Suspense. It is very good, but I can describe it badly. It is rather class-oriented and through the Accordion I automatically think of Russia. Conclusion "Residue: Final Cut" tells a really great and emotional Story. Above All, I also like the real Background to this. The Gameplay is innovative and offers many refreshing Components, so there is no Boredom. The Game often prepares the Player for certain Situations and takes him by the Hand. The Music and the Concept also promised me a lot. If you are looking for a good Story, you will probably be happy here. I really recommend the Game a lot and even get the Price set too low here. So strike! If you liked the Review, I'd love to see you follow my Curator Group on Steam To get my Reviews of other Games as well.
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