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Rest House

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Rest House is first person adventure based on the same name feature movie.

Description: “All wrong.”
Game consists of five stories that are connected with mysterious characters and events.The main character is trying to discover the meaning each of them. He gets sucked in the events that will lead him to the strange places where he meets strange people, fairy tale creatures and landscapes.

There are currently 6 levels in the game. Player is in the role of the single character who is trying to find the way out from each of the levels.
At the end there is a special gift waiting.

-Key features of the game:
Story which is based on the short famous novels by Dino Buzzati, Edgar Alan Poe and others...
Interesting art style inspired by the surreal art and literature.
Rest house is challenging for the player. Puzzles and hidden keys are sometimes hard to solve and find.
Be part of the RH community. Viewers are taking part in the game development. They are suggesting the game features and commenting on the game play.
Creator is live streaming almost every day and communicating with the players so they are constantly immersed in the Rest House world.

-Early Access-
game is not complete and will change further.
We are working on multiplayer, HTML5 and VR versions of the levels which you can check at our site.

-Rest House-movie-
Feature that contains many insights and secrets witch you can unlock in the game.

-Important! Please read game documents before play!

Streaming game development every night 22-24 CET (central europian time) for more than 2 years.
Also developing VR version of the game. Subscribe at my you tube channel for more.

team name : Studio Don Quixote

-Made in Unreal 4

In the game there are 5 stories. As you progress trough the levels you are unlocking those puzzles and figuring out the whole story.
Want to know even more? Ok i can't tell you much but you can find more in the game documents.

Join us...

*This game is in early access. It's still in development and the current version may be buggy or incomplete. Follow along to watch it as it develops!
Release date
studio Don Quixote
Minotaur production, studio Don Quixote
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: 8
  • Processor: i3
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Radeon HD 5000
  • Storage: 7 GB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Finally you found me. Now you can rest...
Falling Girl Achievement
She "provokes dreams of greatness and glory"
Rest House Achievement
Victory! Watch the movie to finish the game!
Mysterious Achievement
Wow! Congratulations! Do you know who I am?
Humps in the Garden
Bravisimo! "Our Hump will come..."
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Rest House reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Product received for free Early Access Review Game is very unusual and mysterious. The plot Itself-a big puzzle for many, a mystery that must be opened after the game. I will Immediately clarify that the game is in the early access stage. Work on it boils, but much remains to be done. Now There are several levels available in the game. All of them look like colored Noir and Surrealism. Just like "Other cinema" for connoisseurs of high art. As for me, so much was combined in the game, and the plot was hidden in the middle. Only the most inquisitive minds will be able to Dig into the essence. Outwardly everything looks beautiful. Bright colors on the background of dark tones, unusual combinations of light and shade. The Creator was clearly inspired by the game "Bioshock". Sounds good, but squeak opening doors and gnashing switches should be replaced. This sound is very annoying! If you like such horror, you love Noir and Surrealism, then pay attention to "Rest House". An Intriguing game at the early access stage. Get an opportunity to track its development. Very Curious how it will look in the release version!
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Early Access Review "Rest House" Surrealistic adventure. The Game consists of mysterious stories that we uncover through several surreal levels, filled with unusual things, fabulous creatures, strange characters and events. To Learn the story of the game will have a lot of fun in your imagination. Not Everyone can catch the author's idea. It is Necessary to be a fan of this genre and follow the development of the game. The Game is still in early access. So even the plot is not thought out yet. The Gameplay in fact consists of wandering through the levels in the search for passages. We get up on the stove and the door opens. We run into the aisle and search for the next door. Fortunately, the author in important places carefully placed arrows pointing the right direction. We Pick up incomprehensible masks... Again, another door opened by a stove on the floor. We get up, the door opens. This time we can't get to The door. Near a huge ball. What would It be? Probably need to roll it on the stove and run to the coveted door... Here is an approximate level of riddles in the game. There's still work to be done. Too Dull and monotonous! What did you like about the game? Graphics and atmospheric levels. "Unreal Engine 4" is able to work wonders even on bare textures of the floor, covering the surface with beautiful light or water effects. The Author quite successfully uses the capabilities of the engine. At the levels of quality textures, a lot of lights, mysterious fog, the effects of "light in the eye" and "particles in the air." All objects and the very construction of maps made in the manner of the World of Dreams. Delusional, strange, sometimes creepy dreams with incomprehensible history. The Author writes that he made a game on the film. Perhaps the film would have explained a lot, but I have unfortunately not looked at it. You Can buy a game if you are a fan of surrealism, if you are interested in this project. Then you will be able to participate in its development. The Creator gladly communicates with the players, accepts their wishes and reviews. I Saw on YOUTUBE the straights in which the work on the game was live. The game also promise To add multiplayer and VR version.
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