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Roll for the Galaxy

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Following the launch of Race for the Galaxy, Temple Gates Games in association with Rio Grande Games brings Roll for the Galaxy to digital life! Roll for the Galaxy is a dice game of building space empires for 2-5 players. Your dice represent your populace, whom you direct to develop new technologies, settle worlds, and ship goods. The player who best manages their workers and builds the most prosperous empire wins!

This dice version of Race for the Galaxy takes players on a new journey through the Galaxy, but with the the feel of the original game.

Designed by Wei-Hwa Huang and Tom Lehmann, this dice version of Race for the Galaxy takes players on a new journey through the Galaxy. Keldon Jones, the developer behind the Race for the Galaxy AI, is at it again with Roll for the Galaxy. This game will feature a new neural network AI that will challenge even the most advanced players.

  • 2 - 5 player with network multiplayer
  • Asynchronous and real-time multiplayer modes
  • Advanced neural network AI by Keldon Jones
  • Nine starting factions, nine starting worlds
  • Sixty developments and settlements
Release date
Temple Gates Games
Temple Gates Games
Age rating
10+ Everyone 10+

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 2.00 GHz or AMD equivalent
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • Storage: 200 MB available space

System requirements for iOS

iPad 8 7 8, iPhone X, iPad Pro 9.7 Cellular, iPad 8 1 2, iPad Third Gen 4G, iPhone X S Max, iPhone 5, iPhone 6s, iPad Mini 4G, iPhone 1 1 Pro Max, iPhone 5s, iPad Mini 3 Cellular, iPhone SE, iPad Pro Fourth Gen, iPod Touch Seventh Gen, iPhone 6, iPad 2 3G, iPad Pro Cellular, iPad Seventh Gen Cellular, iPad Air, iPad 7 5, iPad Air 2 Cellular, iPad 2 Wifi, iPad Fourth Gen 4G, iPad Air Cellular, iPad Pro 9.7, iPad Mini 3, iPhone X R, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 4S, iPad 8 5 6, iPad Pro, iPad Air 3 Cellular, iPhone X S, iPhone 1 1 Pro, iPad 8 3 4, iPhone 7, iPod Touch Fifth Gen, iPod Touch Sixth Gen, iPhone 5c, iPad Mini Retina Cellular, iPad Air 2, iPad 6 1 2, Watch 4, iPad Pro Second Gen Cellular, iPad 7 6, iPad Mini 5, Watch 5, iPad Pro Fourth Gen Cellular, iPhone SE Second Gen, iPad Pro Second Gen, iPhone 8, iPhone 1 1, iPad Air 3, iPad 6 1 1, iPad 7 2, iPad Mini 4 Cellular, iPad Fourth Gen, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad 7 3, iPhone 7 Plus, iPad Mini 4, iPad Seventh Gen, iPad 7 4, iPad Mini, iPad Mini Retina, iPad Mini 5 Cellular, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Third Gen, iPad 7 1
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2020

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