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Ruin of the Reckless

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"What's that music in the trailer", Why, it's the Ruin of the Reckless Theme song by SLIME GIRLS.

Since the beginning of time, or maybe longer, this place has been here. It is a beacon of sorts, attracting the souls of those who both lived and died with recklessness in their hearts.

Bound by some unknown force, these wayward spirits cannot leave.

And so they remain… With time their souls will rot. They will fade away and they will be forgotten.

But even here there is hope… a legend whispered among the ghosts and specters. That any spirit to reach the tower’s peak will be granted one wish…

Ruin of the Reckless is a 2D action roguelike with a focus on fast-paced melee combat, speedy movement, and co-operative play.

Capturing the feel of 16-bit classics while providing a major graphical update, Ruin of the Reckless ups the pace, adds challenge and randomness - and lets you play with your friends! (LOCAL co-op only)

---- FEATURES ----

  • Speed through the environment at lightning pace, crush giant hordes of enemies in melee-focused combat. Upgrade your weapons, find new equipment, level up your hero.
  • Explore a detailed, mysterious, randomly-generated tower that changes with each ascent. Discover its purpose and you may see your one true wish granted... If you get that far.
  • Accessible and easy to pick up and play, but ascending to the higher levels of the tower will take intense skill.
  • Bring a friend for local co-op fast-paced fun.

---- MECHANICS ----

Weapons: Wield a variety of dangerous melee weapons, each one has benefits and drawbacks, and although some are better than others there is no 'best weapon' to fit every play style.

Spellbooks: Ancient secrets lie within these tomes. Spellbooks contain a set spell and a set amount of charges - when your spellbook is out of charges, it's time to switch! All spellbooks can be charged for more powerful effects, but it will drain them faster. Alter your spell abilities with orbs gained by leveling up!

Skill Orbs: Dangerous and fragile shards of knowledge. Consume them to permanently gain a new ability, or use them as powerful weapons to strike down your enemies. (Or maybe just mess up and have them blow up in your face instead.)

Dashing: Every one knows that you can't dash without boots! Explore the tower to find all kinds of stylish boots to change your dashing capabilities. Dash longer and further, chain multiple dashes at a time, stun enemie as you strike them with your body... Or maybe you just want to fly right past hazards, it's all possible if you have the right boots!

Cards: Complete special challenges to collect cards which you can keep between runs. Most cards have a benefit and a drawback, so choose carefully! Combine different cards to create your own custom rule set before your run starts, or just use them to alter rules you don't like; for example, turn friendly fire off with the 'Friends' card.
Release date
Faux-Operative Games
Faux-Operative Games
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 413 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: RotR will run on most modern systems, but requires a monitor resolution of 1280x720 for the best experience.
  • OS: Windows
  • Graphics: Monitor resolution of at least 1280x720
  • Additional Notes: RotR will run on most modern systems, but will require a monitor resolution of 1280x720 for the best experience. Monitor resolution of at least 1366x768 is recommended for co-op play.
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Last Modified: Feb 7, 2023

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Ruin of the Reckless reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Product received for free Artistically It's one of those indies that comes through the eyes. In recent years we have seen many good games that also used Pixel Graphics as a sign of identity. With more or less fortune (according to the title) this graphic style seems to be quite on the rise, so many companies Use it to shape their project. The modeling of the enemies and the art of the scenarios have a huge job behind, being in my opinion the true strengths of the game. With very vivid but blurred colors that could remind you of games like Titan Souls or Hyper Light Drifter. The modeling of the characters are not left behind, although perhaps (and except for STARGROVE) some characters seem simpler and more typical. Another great point in favor of the game is its BSO, very conservative in style but that is defended more than correctly together. It Features very retro electronic themes that sound as epic as some of our favorite classics. These Are themes that perfectly accompany the action, both at the time of combat and in the moments of peace and tranquillity (the theme of the Intro, the best). Here I leave a video analysis I've done trying to do as summarized and enjoyable as possible ^^ hope you like it! If on the contrary You want a more complete analysis take a look at the text in GameIt. A greeting ti@s! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DiXhU3v-UhI&t=7s
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Product received for free Ruin Of The Reckless should become a new standard in the genre. Whether it be Rogue-Like or Lite, according to your demands, this game is up to Bindig of ISAAC or Enter The Gungeon. Dungeons generated by procedures, deadly enemies in every inch and one of the most challenging difficulties of recent years. Full Analysis posted here [www.simpatiaporlacritica.com] The story is classic in these titles, climbing up a tower where every floor is extremely difficult and getting worse. We Use a melee main weapon to defend ourselves and a secondary power generally of rank. The key is to collect enough experience points to go up level and have a greater resistance against the onslaught of enemies. We Have a book of spells, with limited loads that can be recharged, and the ability to add orbs that will give us extra passive or active abilities. All These abilities have a single usefulness: to survive. Or rather just do it. The difficulty is one of the biggest that we had to face in a very long time. Our character is weak, with only 3 strokes of resistance before he dies. It Is A classic of the genre that every death makes us lose all progress, both in levels and objects. What could be very frustrating for a casual gambler, in this case becomes an attraction for experienced players. The graphic section is very effective and original, with a retro feeling but with subtleties that make it irresistible. The character design is brilliant, with a very interesting variety and never gets bored. Also The soundtrack is exquisite, with electronic tones or synthesizer ochentoso that put us full in the frenzy of killing monsters almost without stopping. ROFTR also has the possibility to play with a friend, to divide the difficulty a little. We totally Recommend This game, no doubt it is an experience worth trying. For experienced players it will be a major challenge, and the newbies have mechanics to make the game a little easier, which can achieve a more enjoyable approach. Frantic Action, good music, good weapons, great originality... I don't think you need many more excuses to play Ruin of The Reckless.
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