Ryona Assassins - Mission 01 build

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Quick update (January 5th): Fixed a couple of bugs preventing grabbing ragdolls effectively and another that made them "float" in the air too much.

This is November-December's build of Ryona Assassins. It was made free as a gesture to my community. Following releases will again have a free demo and a paid version for non-patrons.

What's here:

  • Beginning of level 01 ideas.
  • Workin on animations and unity animation controllers for the dorus
  • Melee slasher doru
  • New weapon: tranquilizer dart gun
    • Shoots darts projectiles affected by gravity
    • Puts dorus to sleep
  • New weapon: TR8-R portable slasher
    • Melee weapon for the player
  • Retouched AI so as to allow for some stealth gameplay
  • New game mode: training simulator
    • Survive 10 waves of dorus increasing in difficulty
    • No death mechanic yet implemented (you are immortal)
  • This build features a patron's custom doru, which is a reward I offer. Custom dorus will be sepparated from "canon" designs later on, but they will still be in the game.
  • Player now has hands
  • Weapon animations
  • Ragdolls can be grabbed with E
  • Many optimizations!
This was made as a reward for Patreon


  • WASD for moving
  • Ctrl / C for crouching
  • Space for jumping
  • Left click for shooting
  • R for reloading
  • Mouse wheel to cycle weapon
  • E for grabbing ragdolls
  • P for free camera mode
    • Press C in this mode to take a high-res screenshot
  • ESC to go back to the menu / exit the game
  • O to restart current scene
  • When playing the Training Simulator, you need to push the big red button with E for the next wave to start

Known issues:

  • Weapons will sometimes be occluded when too close to level geometry
  • (Unconfirmed) After a while, corpses won't be able to be grabbed
    • This happens inside the Unity editor, but not when playing from the compiled .exe. This might be an issue exclusive of the Unity editor
  • Projectiles fired by the player won't always work as expected
    • The projectiles originate from the gun's nozzle, and travel towards the aim point. This causes the projectiles to hit walls or other objects that are to the right side of the player
  • Please report other bugs on my discord server

You can check my Trello board for specific details about what I'm doing. Comment on my Discord server and follow the project on my Patreon.

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Last Modified: Oct 20, 2023

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