Ryona Assassins - testing build 02

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New! You can join the Ryona Assassins Discord server!

Free version updated: You can now grab the ragdolls with the mouse, as requested by a youtube comment.

In this build:

  • Similar to the first build
  • Name of the game decided: Ryona Assassins
  • New menu art and logo
  • New type of doru: higher assassin
  • Randomization system
    • Each doru has unique height and proportions.
    • 2 different possible hairstyles (many more in the future)
    • 6 possible hair and eye colors
    • 3 skin tones
  • Added basic weapon logic
  • Added some basic sounds

What's a doru?

It's what I make. They are dolls to play with.

What's this about?

This is a peek into what I'm working now. This is yet not a game, it's a very early pre-alpha build with no playability. The cost is only a way of supporting the further development of the project.

Why do you charge for this?

I would like to be able to do pervy games and toys for a living. For now, I can't do it full time because I need to have a more normal job. Also, because it's not free to make either. I will make a free demo version in the coming days. There's now a free demo in the downloads (I forgot to put this indication in-game, but press right click to orbit the camera).

Where can I find more?

dorumeka.tumblr.com is where I show what I'm doing and what I'm thinking. patreon.com/dorumeka is my patreon. If you support me there, you'll get these builds at no cost, besides your support. I'll keep posting my test builds right here at itch. twitch.tv/dorumeka is where you can find me whenever I'm working.

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Last Modified: Dec 23, 2022

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