Ryona Assassins - testing build 03

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In this build:

10/6/17 update: now with screenshot mode and blood splatters.

  • Basic AI
  • Very simple level randomization
    • The purpose of this is only to have a more interesting environment for this build. This procedural system will be completely changed later.
  • SMG modeled
  • New animations
  • Actual hit boxes
  • New accurate bullet trail graphics

What's a doru?

It's what I make. They are dolls to play with.

What's this about?

This is a peek into what I'm working now. This is yet not a game, it's a very early pre-alpha build with no playability. The cost is only a way of supporting the further development of the project.

Why do you charge for this?

I would like to be able to do pervy games and toys for a living. For now, I can't do it full time because I need to have a more normal job. Also, because it's not free to make either. I will make a free demo version in the coming days. Free demo is up.

If you go to my Patreon, you can get the following builds for less that this price. You can also receive multiple in-progress builds as I work on them.

Where can I find more?

dorumeka.tumblr.com is where I show what I'm doing and what I'm thinking. patreon.com/dorumeka is my Patreon. If you support me there, you'll get these builds at no cost, besides your support. I'll keep posting my test builds right here at itch. twitch.tv/dorumeka and Youtube is where you can find me whenever I'm working. I now have a Discord server, feel free to join if you want to get to know the community. Lastly, you can go to my Trello board if you want a list of things that I'm adding or fixing for the game.

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Last Modified: May 18, 2023

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