Games for SEGA Saturn

SEGA Saturn is the fourth home video game console made by Sega and a successor to Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. Initially, the system’s focus was on recreating the arcade experience at home. This decision was partially made because of the success of Sega’s arcade division. Saturn got several well-received ports of such arcade hits as Virtua Fighter and Daytona USA. The Saturn’s library is also notable for several unique critically acclaimed projects such as Shining Force 3, Nights into Dreams, Guardian Heroes and Panzer Dragoon series among others. The gamepad of Sega Saturn is very reminiscent to that of Genesis but has slightly different design and two additional shoulder buttons. The console was a commercial failure for the company due to its high price tag, lack of third-party support, technical specifications that made programming for the system intense and challenging competition from Sony PlayStation and Nintendo 64.