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Settlements is a game of managing resources and crafting output over a limited space.
Set in the ruins of our world, you will recruit workers and level their skills and equipment all the way from the stone age to the space age.
The goal of Settlements is to bring a deep crafting RPG game to as wide a range of PCs as possible. Just as enjoyable on a gaming desktop rig as on a low-end laptop used for browsing the web.

Features include:

Character Customisation - Change name, appreance & voices, purchase a large range of feats and even allocate them to a family.

10 Technological Eras - From the Stone age to the Space age. You control the pace of advancement through research and seeking out more land to settle. Play at a speed you are most comfortable with and stay in an era as long as you wish.

100+ Buildings to place and use from housing to factories. With space being your primary issue for much of the game, deciding on what to build is key to success.

50+ Character Skills. Each character can only train in 15 skills at any one time, so you will need to develop specialists and keep them alive.

10+ World Skills. Ranging from house design and metal lore to militia combat training, these skills will effect all your settlements.

Diplomacy Points. Although you cannot fit everyone into your settlements, the people who live in the wild are still important to your success. Help them and gain diplomacy points that can be spent on benefits later.

1000+ Items to Craft, Research and Find: The game has in-depth crafting at its core. Your characters will need to gain skills in various crafting methods to unlock the ability to craft rare and more powerful items as well as advance in technological eras.

Quests, Boss Encounters and Unique Treasure: Scout the world for information on the Blight, fight boss encounters, which will test your tactical knowledge of the game and be rewarded with unique treasures.

World and Settlement Threat - leading to the Doomsday clock and Main Plot Failure! Be careful not to take on challenges that are beyond your character's skills. Too many failures will advance the doomsday clock and lead to Victory for the Blight.

3 Different Ways to Win - Once you unlock the Science Lab and start researching end-game technologies as well as uncovering knowledge of the world, you will unlock several ways to win the game - which one you attempt is up to you.
Release date
Traveller's Tales
TT Games
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7 or Later
  • Processor: 32 Bit
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Any
  • Sound Card: Any
  • Additional Notes: WideScreen Recommended
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Doom Clock at 25+
No More Room!
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Mass Appeal
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Reach The Era: Late Bronze Age
Hedge Row
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Settlements reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
This game might look like M&M Heroes III, but actually no. Nothing to do with it. If you like surprises and taking initiatives, go your way, this game is not made for you. If you are fussy (NE) and like repetitive tasks, Bravo you are in the right place. the less:-all the drawings we like or not, but the interface is prehistoric: boxes everywhere, Windows open and block others, unlockable, some commands yet indispensable to move from one menu to another do not exist, some Windows close at the top left, others lower right-many Windows open for nothing and give a pretty painful gaming experience (2 different Windows, totally useless before every assault against your villages)-all mechanisms are not always clear, but, more serious, not always indispensable, and give a jumble set: neither very functional nor very ergonomic what is a big deal since the player, he, must deploy treasures of ergonomics: without stopping juggle between the available space and the functionality of its production lines-the character recap looks like an Excel spreadsheet but in much less functional (no function to assign the same item to a whole column), you spend hours filling boxes)- the "plotline Scrapbook" is ugly and sloppy, not very readable-many objects never serve-the card is empty and depressing-I did not understand what the Greenprints are for (not very optimal as an extra system)-the adventure part could be more developed, more gradual, and take place and place directly on the map: even if it unlocked as and when, it would create more immersion, for a more engaging imaginary (Yes like M&M Heroes III)-there are no buttons to buy/sell x25 or x50 of the coup you have to click and again click click...-a rare metal system too tedious to use: when it is lacking, you have to empty the inventory of the associated common metal by crafting anything you do not need, it comes back crafter for crafte r to overcome a completely artificial handicap-personalisation of the personal profile of the characters is not very well done, and not very clear (superfluous?)...-an unlockable soil research at the end-the final map of the sandmans contains unlockable parts, so this end is not accessible (at me in any case)-the last craftable objects make bugguer the game (at my home in any case)-some graphical bugs (disappearing of the characters or decorations, pistol of quests visible but quests not feasible), but it should settle quickly... the most:-good starting concept-the evolution from one period to another is quite rich in detail excavated-mix between resource management/construction and combat turn by turn interesting-customizing the profile ' ' professional ' ' characters is well thought: who can operate what task, crafter what object, etc. conclusion-a laboratory game that can become good if it becomes more ergonomic and more varied, more surprising (it would mean reviewing many things anyway, despite the immense work that the game had to ask already!) -a laborious game that should rather be classified in the category ' ' war of attrition ' ' as ' ' strategy ' ', because there is not really a strategy here, you follow a narrative thread more than signposted, you will just need patience to get to grips with, and have the courage to redo infinitely many battles that look much alike, and crafts to infinity, and rebuild stone by stone of the same cities centers
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