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Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper

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Recognized as one of the best licenses in adventure gaming and lauded by the international press, Sherlock Holmes is back with an investigation that is sure to be the most horrifying of the series. In this great new adventure, the famous detective chases against the most threatening serial killer England has ever known - Jack the Ripper.
It’s 1888, London, in the Whitechapel area, and a series of grisly crimes in the heart of the East End leave a gory trail of mutilated female bodies. The police struggle to pick up the scent as the bodies pile up and paranoia sweeps the city. Sherlock Holmes immerses himself in the dark, sordid alleyways of Whitechapel in order to follow the trail of the one that the press calls Jack the Ripper. During a terrifying investigation, Holmes will attempt to lift the veil of mystery that shrouds the motives and the face behind that horrific nickname.
Presented in full 3D, Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper offers players 2 different perspectives available at any moment in the game: a third-person view in the pure style of traditional point ’n’ click adventure games and a first-person view for close-up investigation. Players have the total freedom to choose either of the angles they wish or use them both to immerse themselves completely in this terrifying adventure.
Features Solve one of the greatest mysteries in the history of England and discover who is Jack the Ripper!
2 mythic characters of 19th century England engage in a horrifying manhunt: the illustrious Sherlock Holmes and the terrifying Jack the Ripper.
Discover the hidden side of London and the sinister streets of Whitechapel, all faithfully recreated (e.g. public work house, hospitals, brothels, etc).
Switch between playing the role of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes or his trusted friend Doctor Watson.
Interact with more than 30 authentic characters that help you complete your investigation.
Use and combine more that 100 objects and collect hundreds of clues so you can finally uncover the real identity and motives of the perverted Jack the Ripper.
2 points-of-view available at all times: gameplay in third-person or classic first-person point-of-view, a favorite for the enthusiasts of the series.
A progressive help system puts you back on track whenever you need assistance.

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista
  • Processor: Celeron 2Ghz or AthlonXp 1900+
  • Memory: 512MB
  • Graphics: 128MB Graphics Card
  • DirectX®: DirectX 9
  • Hard Drive:3GB of free space
  • Sound: DirectX 9 compatible
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Last Modified: Sep 29, 2019

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Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
A successful Adventure with a gloomy Atmos spree, which surprised me quite positively. After a (too) quiet Start, the Adventure gradually picks up Speed and especially the last Third of the Game impresses thanks to the still implemented theme. The Graphics are outdated (Asbach ancient) and the Difficulty of some Puzzles is a little higher than you would be Accustomed to from Adventures-but that hardly broke Away from My Puzzle joy. After Playing Through, I immediately installed the Successor-I suspect this is the highest Praise that a Game can receive from me.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
This Game, like many others, is complicated in terms of Difficulty and can certainly not be solved without many without a Solution. This Game is all in all already an Experience, an Experience that was ultimately Fun and also made an Impression around the Character Sherlock Holmes, but it has some Minus Points. -The Graphics are rather gloomy and relatively monotonous in colour. -The Game world is relatively small-The Game contains Puzzles that are far from Reality, Knobelies to come to any Items. This Content annoys and unnecessarily stops the Course Of the game. In General, you first have to get used to the knob system of this Game, especially how to gather, analyze and combine Facts in order to enable Things to progress in the game in the First place. This is awkwardly resolved at the first Moment, but then runs after the Acclimatization. As I said, it's an Experience, but also long-winded.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Thank God I Did not pay the Game in full, but "bought it" as Part of the Package-it starts on my Computer (Windows 8.1, Core I7, NVidia GTX 670) I can also select "new Game," but then it gets stuck in the Loading Screen. I can leave the Whole thing only via Strg-Alt-Entf ... According to The check in the Steam account, everything is okay. Uninstall and subsequent Reinstallation has yielded nothing. Steam refers to Frogware for Support. Frogware promptly receives an Acknowledgement of Receipt From the Mail, but a "correct" Answer has not yet been made after two Weeks ... That will probably not be anything:( If you Look for Solutions in the Community, you will find that many have the same Problem. With one or the other it is then up and running-with me, as with some others, still not. Since it is a well-known Problem, I find it really meagre on the part of Steam That It is not explicitly pointed out on the Shop page that the Game may not be running on newer Hardware. Sad also that other Vendors manage to edit such an old Game so that you can play it. Just got it on offer at the big Fish for a whopping 3.99 and it's running!!! Then I'll get away-play;) By The way, "The Secret of the Silver Earring" Doesn't work for me either-two Games out of six in the Package, not a good Cut ... Subscribe to 0 Comments comments (?)
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