Space Adventure (itch) (Super8BitRafa)

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WASD - move

SPACE - jump

Stomp enemies by jumping on their red heads!

All music, graphics, art, design, sound effects, code and assets created by me for JamDNA 8 


Action Adventure - for this I decided to make a platformer. I would have liked to add a shooting mechanic and more enemies and obstacles but due to time constraints this was not possible

Outer Space - the whole story was of a little guy that crash lands on an alien planet. I was hoping to have him visit several planets... but again time constraints.

Energetic - this was the inspiration for the character himself. I really wanted the energy to come through in the character design and animations and I think I succeeded in doing that.

Cartoony Sounds - I knew I needed to create a primitive but diverse sound system for this so I wrote a script that deals with all the sounds in the game. The sound manager generates variations in all the sound effects so that the sounds don't get repetitive and boring. I also threw in a dynamic music system that responds to the players actions in the game. I think I will be using this system in all my unity games from now on.

Release date
Mar 17, 2019
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Not rated
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Last Modified: Mar 18, 2019
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