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Space Ears The space roguelike in which your ears level up.
  • Control the first alien spaceship recovered in Area 52 - no reference to any real events at all ;)
  • Venture through wormholes, exploring far away space
  • Gather resources to acquire new spaceships
  • Unveil the mysteries of the alien presence in the universe
How does the gameplay work?

The guidance system of each ship works by intercepting alien frequencies (melodic or harmonic intervals). When you recognize the correct musical interval, you activate the space in-board systems and weapons, which are also randomly collected through each run.

What is Space Ears game genre?

On one side, Space Ears is a pure space rogue-like, with heavy replayability, rpg and procedurally generated elements (think Binding of Isaac). It allows for different playing styles and strategies.

On the other hand, Space Ears is an ear-training software for which the grinding aspect involved in learning to recognize intervals and keeping that facility up is pure blissuful, retro roguelike fun!

Where did it come from?

Space Ears is a labor of love, developed by one single person: me.

It is a lot of work and it is the results of:

  • my personal passions
  • my studies in mathematics
  • my career as a jazz musician
  • my current doctoral studies in music academia and music education
Should I try Space Ears?

Yes, if you want to improve/refresh your ear capabilities or if you like roguelikes and 2d space games, and you know about ear training. Ear training is a crucial aspect of doing music and Space Ears makes it fun and addictive!

And please do not forget to donate, this project took years of work! Anything you can afford is a huge help. If you really are more broke than a jazz musician in NYC, then DO NOT donate at all :)

*The game is currently under active development*

Download the alpha version for any donation and support the best ear training game ever made!

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Last Modified: Sep 30, 2019

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