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Procedurally generate creatures in Unity - inspired by the incredible game, Spore!

In short, the creator itself is divided into three sections, namely, building, painting and testing. Building lets you mold your creature's body, and attach different body parts to it, while painting lets you change the color and pattern of your creature’s skin! Because of the limited amount of time I had due to university, I was not able to implement the testing section, however this will definitely be added in a later update!

How it was made:

How to play:

  • General - Hold and drag your mouse anywhere in the environment to rotate the camera around your creature and scroll to zoom in and out! Press the ESC key to prompt a dialogue allowing you to quit the game.
  • Building - The body is manipulated using the spine, which you are able to move around (by dragging) and add/remove weight to (by using the scroll-wheel)! Body parts can be attached to your creature by dragging in different parts from the grid. These parts each have different statistics, that increase the creature’s overall statistics when added! 
  • Painting - Patterns are selected from the patterns grid, and a primary and secondary colour can be chosen which replace the white and black of patterns respectively.
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Daniel Lochner
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Last Modified: Sep 28, 2020

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