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Nothing should stop your imagination, so there are over 200 blocks to build with, and this is just an alpha release! Most blocks can be chiseled and shaped in dozens of ways too. What to do with all the buildings? Let villager move in and establish an empire!

A planet is not enough? Well, luckily there are 100 additional planets to explore! Each randomly generated, no one looks the same. Some have villages, some epic dungeons, lava oceans, giant caves or purple alien worlds. There is always something to explore!

With friends everything becomes even funnier. Just input the name of your buddy and you can join his world, no server, no work.

But a sandbox game like SquareWorld has many more features. Let me point out my favorites!
Ever wanted level 10 on your gold-silver bow with a mithril string and a cactus on it? No? Well, with the free, customizable forging system you can use whatever material you want!
Furthermore, there are paintings to collect, bosses to slain, music to play (that's important!), precious ores to mine, dungeons to loot, villager to trade with, plants and trees to grow and a high tech airship to craft (out of leather, steel and wood. Trust me, it flies!)

Remember that SquareWorld is in Early Access and we are still working on it. You are missing an item? A block? A flying pig throwing eggs at you? Use the feedback-button in game, drop me a line and your suggestion can be reality.

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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