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Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages

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Tactical digital board game in the world of Dark Ages!
  • Six factions with unique generals and squads: the nimble nomads of the Horde, the well-armored and disciplined Imperial soldiers, the mad Normanna clad in furs, the League’s guilds wielding gunpowder, the proud knights of the Order, and the exotic cults of the Mesopotamia.
  • Over 50 types of squads based on real historical troops. No armored bikinis or spiked pauldrons here!
  • By surviving battles, your squads gain experience and develop their skills. Fresh recruits have nothing on a seasoned veteran.
  • Generals are the linchpin of a squad, and their skills and abilities can drastically change the outcome of a battle. Each general has a unique personality generated at the beginning of each game. Each has their own appearance, character traits, and abilities. It's impossible to predict who will appear the next go ‘round: a brave but simple knight, a talented but greedy tactical genius, or a bloodthirsty barbarian who instills fear in friend and foe alike.
  • A pantheon of chosen generals: put your greatest leaders here to re-use them from campaign to campaign, or hire legendary figures feared and revered throughout history, such as Joan of Arc and Genghis Khan.
  • The numerous scenarios offer a huge variety of different challenges: win a civil war, fight off nomads, deal with pirates raiding the coast, save a kingdom ravaged by plague, or crush a peasant uprising.
  • Battle formations: effective positioning of your troops is half the battle. Tactical tricks, feints, and ambushes are at your disposal. Win your battles through quality, not quantity.
  • Terrain and weather: even the perfect army may lose in unfavorable conditions. It’s generally a good idea to lure enemy cavalry into a bog, under your arrows – but remember that rain and fog make your archers useless.
  • Upgrade your soldiers’ weapons and armor at the royal forge.

Dark Ages is a turn-based strategy game set in the violent world of an alternate Middle Ages. Vikings against war elephants, musketeers against the Mongol cavalry, ancient phalanx legions against crusaders; the deadliest armies in history clashing in bloody war.
An army without leadership is merely a mob. In Dark Ages, troops follow the lead of their commanders: unique leaders with their own virtues, vices, talents, and weaknesses.
Take the throne of a small kingdom being torn apart by feuds and threatened by militant neighbors, and try to survive the Dark Ages.
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System requirements for Android

4.4 and up

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Memory: 3 GB RAM
  • Storage: 1500 MB available space
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
No management of the economy, little strategy, no map OpenWorld (that of the phony scripted), no upgrade of building... Bad game that is absolutely not worth its €15!!!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
The game regularly crashes ... That's n bit annoying but I could look past that if the Game was otherwise good ... But unfortunately there is a lack of some ... Above all at MAPS ... You play the same 4 or 5 maps again and again only in slightly different Lineup with any other Factions. This gets very boring very quickly.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
It's a great board game. Missions can be chosen according to their difficulties. The presentation, the animations and the setting are beautiful. The victories in the missions are rewarded with a number of rewards that can be used to improve weapons, troops, buy more powerful generals. The registration of the parts are automatic, but you can reloader or start again if you missed your mission! Congratulations to the developers for this wonderful game. And who knows a sequel with this time, with the solo a multiplayer °-°
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review Somehow I don't really get warm with this Game. Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages is a very rudimentary Strategy game-the Tactic is merely to configure appropriate units and Formations with its Army Leaders (Generals), because the Demand is then completely running. Automatically. The Main Task is to send his Generals from A to B (round By round, of course). Unfortunately, the K.I. is not particularly smart, the Selection of the currently available campaigns is also relatively meagre (6-7). Even the Procedure within a Scenario is not as open as it opens up at first Glance. The Graphics or hand-drawn Elements look really nice. At the moment, however, just too much.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Under cover of a nice packaging way board game, with music not too bad, interesting historical contexts and some characters with truncated TV outlets ^^ the game proves particularly frustrating with a dumb AI that quickly made up for the enemies out of nowhere. Management level is very poor indeed since there are only his troops to manage. Not necessarily annoying for people who like to fight like this is my case, provided that this part is interesting! Unfortunately it is completely empty and in the midst of a whole lot of strategic information (often questionable), it is the one that has the biggest wins. In short a game thought for Smartphone, and if despite that you still want to embark on the adventure, it will have to go beyond the many returns Windows.....
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