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Symphonic Rain

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Rain...the eternal, never-ending rain.

In Piova, the city of music and endless rain, young men and women gather to pursue their dreams of becoming musicians. Chris Vertin is one of these young men, leaving his rural hometown and girlfriend behind to enroll in the Piova Communal School of Music.

Winter has come and it's been over two years since Chris began studying to become a Fortenist—a master of the magical instrument known as the Fortelle. Graduation is only a few months away, and Chris must perform an original song together with a vocal partner for his final examination. But Chris, feeling unmotivated and listlessly spending his days, has yet to even try to find a partner. His entire world consists of letters he receives from his girlfriend and a 14 centimeter tall musical fairy living in his room.

Let us play the Fortelle in time with the metronome of the rain's patter. When the sound of Chris's playing harmonizes with the voice of the musical magic fairy who knows what might happen?FEATURES
  • A poignant drama set in the city of endless rain written by Maoto Nishikawa
  • Multiple endings depending on your choices and performance in the musical sections
  • Remastered HD artwork by original character designer/artist Siro
  • Fleeting, beautiful melodies by singer and songwriter Ritsuko Okazaki
  • Harmonious fusion of Visual Novel and Music-based gameplay
  • Chris Velding (CV: Michio Miyashita)
  • Arietta Fine (CV: Mai Nakahara)
  • Tortinita Fine (CV: Mai Nakahara)
  • Phorni (CV: Hiroko Kasahara)
  • Falsita Fawcett (CV: Masumi Asano)
  • Liselsia Cesarini (CV: Tomiko Orikasa)
Release date
Age rating
0+ Everyone

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, or 10
  • Processor: 2GHz or more
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Monitor capable of displaying 1280x720, full color
  • Storage: 4 GB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Let us perform the fairy's song
True Ending
Fal: Bad Ending
Saw Fal's bad ending.
Fal: Good Ending
Saw Fal's good ending.
Lise: Bad Ending
Saw Lise's bad ending.
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Symphonic Rain reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Re-Release of the 2004 visual novel with support for high-resolution screen, redrawn backgrounds, and redesigned character designs. Pros:-A Good story (romance, there are unexpected twists, nice read, original idea, characters not clicked)-a Great soundtrack (especially vocal compositions)-Beautiful art (most liked the background)-There is a gameplay (In the form of musical rhythm-game) Minuses practically there is no but there are ambiguous moments:-The Musical rhythm-the game will be very difficult for people without good skills of printing on a keyboard (the rhythm-game can be put on autosplay without consequences for passing)- High Price (worth the game without discounts as much more famous representatives of the genre)-Low duration of the game (with the skip of the text already read on other runes I passed the game for all the endings for 19 hours)-The Genre of the novel (This is a tsuge, so if you like Similar genre of problems no) ̶-̶T̶r̶e̶b̶u̶e̶t̶s̶ja̶ ̶z̶n̶a̶n̶i̶e̶ ̶a̶n̶g̶l̶i̶j̶s̶k̶o̶g̶o̶ ̶ja̶z̶y̶k̶a̶ (̶r̶u̶s̶i̶f̶i̶k̶a̶t̶o̶r̶o̶v̶, ̶ ̶н̶а̶с̶к̶о̶л̶ь̶к̶о̶ ̶м̶н̶е̶ ̶и̶з̶в̶е̶с̶т̶н̶о̶ ̶н̶е̶т̶) ̶ Upd-06.03.2019-Added Russian text (now this is one of Few visual short stories with official localization) If the controversial moments of the game are not minuses for you, then the game I definitely recommend!
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Symphonic Rain https://store.steampowered.com/app/629650/Symphonic_Rain/Nice graphics and divine sound leave a meditative sensation. Beautiful musical history. The Truth "Fentezi" Here well very edge, read "Waiting for a miracle", but it seems the world is here by the type of Arkkanum, and specifically in this novel magic is manifested in only two aspects-fairy Forney and musical instrument for the game on which the person must be an Esper type "radiating The Empat ". In General: Fal: A Bright personality with the credo "the Purpose justifies the means". It will fly High or low, but it won't be a normal life. Rout-Interesting. Ending-crap. The Scene after the credits is better not to look. Liz: The Little Sun, the Mimimeter is a schlebe. The Most beautiful arches are in her branch. Rout drags Liz and her voice. The rest is so-so. Ending-the stage after the credits can be forgiven if not all that much. Cake: Milaha-manipulative, but in a softer form than Falle. All the options of the endings are mediocre. Roout Cakes has only one option of ending by itself, but getting three basic "good" endings unlocks another variant of the version of the router Al Fine Cakes (translated: "To the End", used in the notation). Getting all the previous endings unlocks the Roout Symphonic Rain and the ending Grand Finale 9 endding All of them happy 2-"Sunny Day" (Liz) and "Grand Finale" (true). Its contents will not be clear without reading all previous to it, but in general-there is all well ^_^
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