T-Rex Problems VR

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Live the daily life of a T-Rex IN VR

The game is divided in three mini-games that takes you throughout a day in the life of a T-Rex.

1st minigame : Clean your room

*requires a big space to be played properly (3x3m)

The game starts at the beginning of the day.  Your best friend José is coming to pick you up for work, so you have to clean your room before he arrives, and it is a MESS. 

Fortunately, you have everything planned. Every object as its place.

The cleaning is divided in three categories that each has a specific drawer/bin attached to it.

  • Personal stuff : Your "stuff" goes into the little drawer in the corner next to the door because those are really "personal stuff" and noone wants to see that.
  • Trash : The trash goes in the trashcan (yep).
  • Toys: Your toys goes in the three drawers right by your bed.
2nd minigame : Get the children to school

Okay, you cleaned your room  and your best friend dropped you off to work, but, what exactly is your work ?

Well, your work consists of helping the little children get to school by shooting them right into the bus with your children-launcher.

3rd minigame : Ping-Pong at Jose's

Now that your workday is over, the only thing you have to do is relax, have a beer and play ping-pong with your best friend José. But still be warned, he can be quite competitive.

Release date
Mar 17, 2019
Age rating
Not rated
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Last Modified: Mar 18, 2019
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