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Tavern Tycoon - Dragon's Hangover

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By word, by book, the tales of the brave and mighty are told in reverie. Every warrior is remembered, his stories spreading like a magician’s flame. But, what happens after the story? Where does the hero go after slaying the dragon, rescuing the damsel and freeing the people from an untold terror? No one really knows what happens to the old and retired soldiers. They listen of course, to the very far fetched stories that are passed down from mouth to mouth. Where? In the very taverns that are bustling with legends and the young at heart.

After years of roaming free, slaying evil and merrymaking in halls of drink, everyone takes an arrow to the knee. They have obligations and duties but most of all, the retired life is boring and redundant. They miss the dangers and wish they were young again. What better way to relive the life than to run a tavern? Travellers and adventurers from all kingdoms, far and wide come aspiring for fame and glory. They tell tales of their adventures, transforming cotton tails to horrendous beasts, morphing storms to witchery! All the danger relived in safety because at the end of the day, the warmth still burns in the fireplace.

Your job is to run the tavern - Dragon's Hangover. Some will seek drinks and food while some might seek the warmth of a bed. Manage your tavern and be the host that all adventurers admire. Your journey, as the tavern's keep, begins now.
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: 64bit Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2300, AMD Phenom II X4 940 or better
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: nVidia GTX 560
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Sound Card: Windows Compatible Card
  • Additional Notes: Please note that requirements may change over time with further development.
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Last Modified: Apr 5, 2023

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Tavern Tycoon - Dragon's Hangover reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review Build your own Tavern and have full Customers! [Review: Early Access-Stand Version 0.7d *] Tavern Tycoon-Dragon's Hangover is a nice Management Simulation of a single Developer in which you create your fantasy medieval Tavern. Info In Tavern Tycoon-Dragon's Hangover you build your own Tavern, design it according to your Wishes and Needs of the Clientele, offer it food and potion and also a Place to stay for that Night. It is also important to meet other Needs, to be able to offer different guests (Warriors, Magicians, etc.) their desired Premises and thus to create an ongoing Business that fills your Bags. Of course, Quality and Variety must also be on the Menu. Take care of your drunken Clientele, because if she's in a bad Mood, it could soon cost you your Job ... Positives: A very coherent and matching graphic Of the Game offers a reinforced Atmosphere of the fantasy Middle Ages direction. The Mixture of Medieval Tavern and at the same time fantasy elements has succeeded well and in some Areas also humorously processed (huge Squeaky Duck in spa basins) 10 different Scenarios offer different Hurdles and steady Planning of the Structure of the Tavern. Employees, Recipes, Price lists and Spatial Diversity offer a slightly deep Overall Managary. Additional Decorative Objects always have a Function and help the Reputation of your Tavern Immensely. Negatives: Customers always go through the same Scheme (Drinking and Eating, going to the toilet, their spez, visiting room, sleeping in Rooms) Employees quickly demand a Pay Rise, in case of Non-fulfillment of the Wish direct Termination For all the rooms needed + Dining Area with Bars is usually scarce and therefore more designed for Mass than Class. Design of the Tavern is limited. Currently quite a few Decorative Objects and for all Elements there are only 1 Object (no Selection from different Tables) Currently quite bad Mix of Income, Structure, cost And Reputation. If you don't Own everything right away, your Reputation suffers quickly and the Game can be over. One is forced almost at the Beginning and by starting Credits also in the Area of the possible, to build everything directly, so as not to go down mercilessly. This means that you usually only watch the Tavern, because there is not much left to do. -Note: I suspect it is currently simply for Testing the Features and Game Elements, but what in my Eyes needs to change Desires: More Variety for Objects such as Tables, Bars and Beds balanced gameplay And thus combative construction of its Tavern For k Enhone Scenarios new Challenges (not all Rooms and thus customer Classes available, but smaller land areas. The Reputation System, which is more beautiful in some Levels, would have to be completely revised in order to be able to counteract the last negative point. Not only to be able to design rooms rectangular. Conclusion: For an Early Access and game developed by only one Developer, it offers a Game division that appeals to me a lot. From a Basic Point of view, Tavern Tycoon Is not bad and Fun, but in my Opinion there is currently a lack of Content and, above all, a failed Balance, as mentioned above. Nevertheless, the Game has a nice Gaming Experience in a successful Mix of Medieval and Fantasy, which I am happy to recommend. I can safely ignore current errors, after all, it is an EA. Even a little more History and a nice sandbox mode or basically taverns, where you can Build larger Bar and Table Surfaces with Decorations and Stage in the middle of it, would be desirable. At present, I see only the Imbalance and the Compulsion to build all rooms directly And possess all recipes as a great Point of Criticism, which in my View also harms the Game itself rather than changing from it a beautiful Game in which one cosily functions. Tavern builds ... * The Review concerns the Early Access Stand from the 03.02.2019 (Version 0.7d) and will be revised on the Full Version of the Game. Because it is an Early Access at the current Level, Bugs, performance, And lack of Features are more generously addressed. Sincerely, Romerus
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