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The 39 Steps

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The 39 Steps is a game, but at the same time a book. The basis of this synthetic work is the Scot John Buchan bestseller of the same name. This book has been screened many times. One of the adaptations was directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

Genre and story

The game follows exactly the text of the book. The book is a thriller, in the subgenre "a man on the run." Events take place in London in the early twentieth century. The main character is accused of murder, which he did not commit, and he has very little time to prove his innocence and find a real killer. He escapes from the city, hides from the police and investigates this case.


The main guide in the game is text. Much is reported in the voiced dialogues, scraps of phonograms, letters, newspaper articles and even fragments of the chronicle. There are several mini-games, tasks, performed by mouse movements. In total there are 8 different storytelling mechanics in the game, 25 collectible items and 16 awards to be unlocked.

Music, sound, atmosphere

The game contains more than two hundred hand-drawn frames. A lot of carefully selected details are immersed in the atmosphere of time and books. Old newspapers, photos, things, masterfully selected sounds - about the sound in the game is to be said separately, this is a huge and important part of the atmosphere of the game. It is considered, it seems, all - the sounds of passing mashtins, nature, the rustle of pages and creaking of the drawers. The game has its own soundtrack, the music follows all events, creating the right depth and maintaining a sense of total immersion. Dialogues are voiced by professional actors.

Release date
The Story Mechanics
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for macOS

  • OS:OSX
  • Processor:2.2GHz dual core processor
  • Memory:2 GB RAM
  • Graphics:GPU 128MB+
  • Hard Drive:2 GB HD space
  • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection

System requirements for PC

  • OS:Windows XP
  • Processor:2GHz Processor
  • Memory:2 GB RAM
  • Graphics:DirectX 9 512MB card
  • Hard Drive:2 GB HD space
  • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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The 39 Steps reviews and comments

I wouldnt say this adaptation of the 39 Steps is bad by any means, the voicework is done nicely, the minimalist art works well and the small pieces of simple gameplay do make this a little better than it otherwise would be but its ultimately just a distilled version of the 39 Steps book with very few bells and whistles to really make it worth playing through outside of a lazy day.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
"The 39 Steps" is a Visual Novel based on the 1915 novel of the same name by the Scottish Writer John Buchan. The Novel Was also a Source Of inspiration for Alfred Hitch ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (sorry Steam Text filter, it is called so ^ ^) film adaptation of the same name, which, however, worked quite freely with the Material. This Game follows the Novel, not the Film. We are Richard Hannay, an Engineer who lived in Africa for a long time and is now bored in London. One Day, we write the Year 1914, we are initiated by our Neighbor into an incredible History. A Story full of Conspiracy, Agents, intelligence Agencies, Assassinations politics and Murders. A Story that will potentially lead to a great War, a War in which, for the first Time, the whole world will probably be involved ... The Novel is highly exciting and reflects intelligently and entertainingly on the path to the First World War as a Robber'S gun, making it undeniably one of the great Works of the last Century. The many Negative Evaluations seem to stem from the fact that some expected otherwise. "39 Steps" is not an Adventure, not even a Game, it is the Visualization of a Novel on the Medium of Computer and as such you should evaluate it. And as a Book Implementation, it's outstanding. Smart, stylish and grown-up. The Artwork is of high quality, the Graphics loving and skilful, the historical Setting Realistically and convincingly implemented. But what do you actually do now. Not much, mostly you just keep clicking or looking at Letters or Newspaper Clippings. Unexciting? Gameplay technology safe. But the Newspapers are realistic and on a Newspaper Page you can also read articles other than the relevant one or look at the Advert For the latest Hat fashion. The Story holds everything together, drives forward and takes one with it. Memories are told through grandiose, lovingly artful silhouettes. And another Trick: The Protagonists are only visible on the Screens as Spirit Shadows, remain schematic and can thus, as in the Book, be filled with his Imagination by the Recipient. Especially worth mentioning: The Acoustics. Parts of the Lyrics are set to music (English, partly also with a strong Scottish Accent), with really good and professional Speakers. Sounds are highly atmospheric and contribute significantly to Immersion. The Acoustic of the Game could easily go through as a standalone, high-quality Radio Play. The Creators of "39 Steps" are not only artistic Experts, but one gets the Impression that they always knew exactly what they were doing, wisely questioned and thought through stylistic Decisions. Just Praise? No. Because in Mechanics, they thought too little of the User. Often it takes tiresomely long for Screens to fade or fade, the Narrative Pace Is provocatively slow and the Operation by Mouse is often hairy. Nevertheless, the four To five hours of reading and Experience are captivating and stick in your Mind. Rating: 10/10 Atmosphere 10/10 Story 9/10 Graphic 9/10 Sound 3/10 Game Mechanics-/10 Balancing 9/10 Game Pass Conclusion: Very high-quality Visual Novel Of an important Work of World Literature. 9/10 Overall Rating
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