The Choreographist

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Crim, a brash and nomadic fiend slayer, has no time for music, dance, or art. That is, until she offends the wrong necromancer raising the roofs of the undead.

Now, cursed with the insatiable need to dance, Crim and her jubilant goblin partner Gleam will have to use all of their newly found moves to slay their way through the crowds of monsters across the stereophonic lands.

A music-driven rhythm brawler that demands timing, speed, and a clever mind in the heat of battle to slay your enemies before time runs out.

Features List

  • A thoughtful, combat-driven music game that rewards strategy as much as musical skill
  • Rearrange enemies on a puzzle-like combat grid, allowing you to create your own high-speed musical solutions
  • Follow intertwining personal tales into a musical battlefield across a land lost to a groovin' beat
  • Multiple game play modes, including Story Mode, Freeplay, Roguelike, Pure Music, Puzzles, and even Daily Challenges
  • Twelve abilities to unlock, with a host of upgrades, special moves, and advanced strategic mechanics
  • Hand-choreographed songs by a whole Two artists you're sure to know and love
  • Got songs from other rhythm games? Import those suckas in the CustomSongs folder.

This Project Is Incomplete!

Alas, The Choreographist was a beautiful idea in search of a beautiful someone to fund it. And didn't.

As such, this game is being released AS-IS and incomplete. At the moment, the game is gameplay-feature-complete, including all story elements, all enemy and (nearly 20!) boss behaviors, and all game modes (Story, Freeplay, Roguelike, Pure, Puzzles, Daily). It is a truly meaty experience, taking a couple days to play through once.

However, this game only has about 10% of its art complete. Oh, and only three songs to play (placeholding for fifty), despite it being a rhythm game.

On the bright side, there's lots of dev commentary to help you through!

Release date
Akupara Games
Steven Hancher
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

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Last Modified: Oct 26, 2020

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