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The Culling

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IMPORTANT NOTICE The Cullings servers will be shut down on May 15, 2019. This means online matches, the culling store, and all online features will no longer be available. Welcome to The Culling. As a contestant on this deadly game show you must explore, scavenge items, craft weapons, and build traps that will enable you to slay your fellow contestants and emerge victorious before the end of the round. Only with cunning, skill, and a little luck will you be able to prevail and survive the match. Unlike add-on modes in open-world survival games, The Culling redefines the Battle Royale genre by providing a tightly focused stand-alone experience that delivers incredible thrills and endless story-worthy moments. Features at Early Access LaunchGame ModesThe core of The Culling is an online 16-player battle royale, played solo or in teams of two. Matches last approximately 20 minutes, with deadly poison gas slowly constricting the arena in the final stages. The winning player (or team) is the last left alive. The new, fast-paced Lightning Round mode pits 8 contestants against each other in a smaller arena with a 10-minute timer, where everyone has immediate access to some of the most powerful weapons in the game. With no respawning on death, you have to make every action count. Play too cautiously and you won’t be prepared for the final clash at the end of the match, too aggressively and you might not make it past the first few minutes. We leave the balance, and the killing, up to you.Weapons and CombatThe Culling focuses heavily on melee combat. Use jabs, charged swings, blocks, and shoves in a system that’s simple learn, but requires practice to truly master. There are 32 melee weapons in the form of blades, axes, bludgeons, and spear. Weapons are divided into tiers based on damage, from the lowly crafted stone knife to the mighty Sledgehammer. Different weapons types also apply different wounds, which factor into combat strategy. All melee weapons can be thrown, adding the potential for ranged combat in any encounter. There are a variety of ranged weapons, including bows, blowguns, and even firearms. A gun isn’t a guaranteed kill, however, as ammunition is in short supply and ranged players can be disarmed by melee strikes if they don’t keep their distance.TrapsPlayers who thrive on outwitting their enemies can sample from a collection of traps in the form of snares, mines, remote-detonated explosives, caltrops, and punji sticks. Matches are fast-paced, so sneaky players must lay their traps in hot spots (such as near an airdrop landing pad) or use themselves as bait to lure opponents in.ItemsA wide range of utility items are at your disposal, with everything from backpacks to smoke bombs, run speed stims to stun guns, player tracking devices to bandages. You start each match empty-handed, so you must explore to survive. Inventory space is extremely limited, forcing you to think carefully about how you intend to play and what you want to carry.CraftingThe Culling utilizes a unique crafting system that is very simple to use (no bulky UI-heavy inventory management) but still offers a wide range of recipes. Players can craft rudimentary weapons, a wide range of traps, and a handful of useful items, including bandages, satchels, and even body armor.PerksEach contestant chooses 3 perks before the start of a match. There are dozens of perks available, and they range from combat bonuses (increase the backstab potential of your blades) to crafting skills (reduce your trap placement time), to general utility (begin the match with a tracking device in your inventory). All of the perks are available to all players from the start with no unlocking required. You can use perks to define and enhance your personal play style, whether it be focused on ranged, melee, or trap-based strategy. Advanced players will find helpful synergies between their perk load-out and their airdrop selection.AirdropsPlayers select a personal airdrop to call in during the match. Air drops are deadly care packages containing a predefined variety of weapons, traps and items. Be careful, because calling in an airdrop draws attention to you and can be stolen by other players.Game Show EventsThe Culling is the most popular game show in the history of the world, and for good reason. The show’s producers have devised events that take place at random during the match. If you choose to participate in these events, the rewards can improve your chances of winning, but don’t be surprised when other players arrive to challenge you.FUNCFlexible Universal Nano-Compound, or FUNC, serves as the primary in-game currency. You spend FUNC to craft, call in personal airdrops, and open certain types of item chests. FUNC is gained through combat and exploration.Character CustomizationPlayers can customize every aspect of their appearance: Hair, Clothing, Skin Tone, and Gender. There are hundreds of unlockable items. The Culling also features customizable Taunts, Victory Celebrations, Culling Cards, and Weapon Skins. In all, there are more than 1,500 cosmetics to unlock.AudioThe Culling places a heavy gameplay emphasis on audio. Making noise by sprinting through the jungle crafting items, slamming doors, and engaging in combat will draw the attention of nearby contestants. Using audio cues to locate opponents and using the crouch mode to conceal your movements add tremendously to the game’s suspense and immersion.MapsThe Culling features two maps: The Island, set in a tropical paradise, and Cul County Correctional, a former prison facility converted to game show duty. The maps have been carefully tuned to provide just enough space for 16 contestants, but also to ensure than no one is safe for long. They are populated with landmarks, buildings (full of lockers and crates containing items), hidden caches, and hazards. Many of these elements are random, meaning map knowledge is important, but offers no guarantees. When the match starts, you can choose to immediately set about crafting some basic survival tools, or sprint to the nearest building in the hopes that it will contain valuable items.Tutorials and Offline Training ModeThe Culling can be intimidating for new players, so we’ve included a basic tutorial and a training range to help you get your feet wet. If you’re still not ready to face players online, there is an offline practice mode against basic AI-controlled bots that will allow you to practice in a low-pressure situation.Player XP and LevelingAs you compete online in The Culling, you earn XP, which levels up your character and awards you Cull Crates full of new cosmetics. The better your performance, the faster you progress.
Release date
Mar 4, 2016
Xaviant Games
Age rating
17+ Mature

System requirements for Linux

  • OS: 2.7 or higher
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 4th Gen (4xxx)
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DX11 GPU with 1GB VRAM: NVidia GTX 460/ AMD Radeon 5850
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 8 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: SteamOS is supported, other Linux distributions will have minimal tech support

System requirements for PC

  • OS: 64-Bit OS Required: Win7 SP1, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 560 / AMD Phenom2 X4 945
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DX11 GPU with 1GB VRAM: NVidia GTX 460/ AMD Radeon 5850
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 8 GB available space
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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The Culling reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
The recent Reviews for this Game are gruesome and I, as a now almost "Veteran," see me as Obliged to straighten it out. To put It in Advance, The Culling is NEVER as bad as the reviews suggest! Of course I also see some Problems with this Game, but I will talk about them later So first the positive Aspeskte: 1. The Game manages to appear simple in a unique Way, but still never get boring, repetitive or similar Absolutely every Game is KOMPLETT ANDERS THAN the one before it, because the Equipment you get (which is more or less RNG) is a completely different one every time. As a result, one is "forced" to learn Almost all Types of Weapons, which is also necessary in the Long run 2. Especially through the Airdrops (possible with Points can be retrieved by kills or selling by Loot) it also allows you to live out your individual Preferences. For example, You can play more defensively with lots of Traps, Mines, Dynamite etc and survive for so long. In The same way, it is possible to go on Long-distance combat (especially Arches, later Also guns) or of course full on Melee with Axes, Spears and what goes with it. 3. You don't need an extremely Long time for the Culling as you do for other Games. If you just hate 20 minutes, it's enough to create two Games in some cases, it's optimal to chop off a few Heads for a moment and walk again;) The Question that most probably now imposes itself is: "Why are the Ratings all so bad?" The biggest (and only serious) Problem is the Playerbase. At certain Times of the Day (all that jz comes along, of course, refers to our Time Zone), this Game is simply not playable, as no one is queued. In the EU region, at unpopular Times, there are sometimes only 30 Players online, you can't talk that nicely. BUT, if you adjust to it and play between 15-21, the Numbers are really acceptable, that means: You usually find a Game within 2 minutes. Just outside of those Times, it's just going to be hard. A Negative Aspect that goes hand in hand with the Player Count is that many currently active Players have been playing the Game for a very long time. Therefore, clearly the Warning: THE SPIEL IS NOT ONE ONE FREUNDLICH!! It takes quite a while to familiarize yourself with the Combat System (I don't want to explain that in more detail, either here or write to;)), that means you're going to lose your first 20 games mercilessly, that's just a Fact. But as soon as you manage to anticipate the movements of the Opponent you will also become more successful, I have won about 20 games in the last 30-40 Hours of Play and in front of it almost nothing! The Culling is a constantly ongoing Learning Process that is hard to master. But you can improve a lot and keep up with the Veterans in the Long run. The Developers are sometimes more and sometimes less active, but their last big Patch was really great. Much has been revised and improved (Weapons, Aikes, Perfomance) and a further Map has been launched. In addition, Luckily there is now a Queue Filter, which means you can take Gamemodes that you dislike out. Therefore, a ONLY Buy recommendation if you get the Game in the Budle or so for Half the Price (which is fair) and then you are really willing to invest many Hours of Learning in this Game in order to find it really pleasure later. For People looking for quick Success or a huge Community, The Culling is certainly not recommended. I am Happy to answer questions;)
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