The Legend of Heroes: Ao no Kiseki

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Set two months after the events of Trails to Zero, Trails to Azure follows Lloyd Bannings and the SSS, a branch of the Crossbell State Police Department, as they resume active duty during Crossbell's most active and turbulent year in recent history: S. 1204.

After uncovering and dismantling the secret cult controlling Crossbell from behind the scenes, removing corrupt figures of power from the Crossbell Parliament, and finally ridding the streets of mafia trash, there's still more bad actors waiting in the wings for their chance to manipulate Crossbell for their own gain. With the bordering Erebonian Empire to the west and Calvard Republic to the east, Crossbell is far from being safe from the meddling hands of claimant nations.

In order to handle the pile of work waiting for them (and until the rest of the incumbent members get back from managerial leave), the SSS is recruiting two more members to the force: former Crossbell Guardian Force sergeant Noelle Seeker, and delinquent leader of the downtown gang Trinity, Wazy Hemisphere. And the new members aren't the only power getting added to the team! The Orbal Revolution of fifty years prior is still in full swing, and the team's new Enigma II Orbment units are going to help keep the streets a lot safer.

Experience a JRPG system developed by Nihon Falcom over the past 7 years of the Trails series. Use your quartz to blow the enemy away with Orbal Arts, and the strength of your arm to unleash devastating Crafts on your foes. Strengthen the power between allies by utilizing Combo Crafts, and help keep Crossbell safe! ...Or, you could just take a load off by playing a game of Pom Party and helping the citizens of the bustling Crossbell City and its environs (Police work is hard!).

Find new and interesting discoveries with each and every person you talk to. Explore the scenic environment of Crossbell, a land known for its rich history and tourist attractions. Against mercenary Jaegers, crime syndicates, and shadowy cabals, the SSS will struggle. These are the barriers you must break through to keep Crossbell safe.

All roads lead to Crossbell, and the mysteries obscured by the ancient past will finally be unveiled to all.

This is a modern tale - a gift to all those who fight to overcome the many barriers that obstruct them.

Release date
Nihon Falcom
Age rating
13+ Teen

System requirements for PlayStation 4

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Last Modified: Mar 6, 2023

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