The Legend of The Three Lights of Glaurung

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<<Knight Redhan has entered into the castle to achieve "The Three Lights of Glaurung". This Three jewels have enough power to win the battle to reclaim his land, Taleria, from his enemies...>>

The Legend of The Three Lights of Glaurung is a remake of The Three Lights of Glaurung game, also named Conquestador, published by ERBE SOFTWARE (1986).

This remake maintains most of the original sprites but adding colours and animations.

The game has the following features:

📜 Introduction and End of Game: comparing with the original game, this remake has an introduction about how Knight Redhan enters into the castle and an end when he escapes from the castle.

🔮🏰 Minimap: using an Oracle Crystal Ball you can see the map zooming in/out (moving to right/left).

📈 Difficulty Levels: you can choose 3 difficulty levels (more/less percentage of enemies).

❓ Random Chests/Enemies: chests and enemies appear in different locations. Chests content also are different in every game.

👕🎩🌷 Player Customization: you can customize player selecting cloth, helmet and flower colours.

🕯 Light Effects: player uses a candle to see in the darkness of the castle.

🎧 Stereo Sound: we recommend you use headphones to notice the source of sound effects.

Available in englishspanish and french.

CONTROLS Keyboard: cursors L/R.
Gamepad: pad / left-stick.

Move left/right.
Keyboard: cursors U/D.
Gamepad: pad / right-stick.

Look above/below.
Keyboard: space.
Gamepad: south button.

Jump / Fall fast (when player is falling).Keyboard: control.
Gamepad: east button.

Shoot arrows.Keyboard: number 1.
Gamepad: west button.

Drink blue potion (immunity).Keyboard: number 2.
Gamepad: north button.

Drink green potion (invisibility).Keyboard: number 7.See content of red chests.Keyboard: number 8.See content of blue chests.Keyboard: number 9.See content of green chests.Gamepad: select button.

See content of chests.Keyboard: escape.
Gamepad: start button.

Pause on/off.Keyboard: cursors L/R.
Gamepad: pad / left-stick.

Minimap Zoom out/in, when game is paused.Keyboard: space / enter.
Gamepad: south button / left shoulder.

Answer Yes in a question.Keyboard: escape.
Gamepad: east button / right shoulder.

Answer No in a question. CHARACTERS
Knight Redhan: you control this character.

You CAN jump, shoot arrows and open doors.Bewitched Redhan: in some chests, when you open them, you can be bewitched temporally and converted into a pig.

*If you are immune (after drinking a potion) or you already have  the Three Lights of Glaurung, you cannot be bewitched.

*If you are invisible (after drinking a potion), if you are bewitched you also lose the invisibility.

You move SLOWER and CANNOT shoot arrows and open doors.Archers: they can kill you with their arrows or only touching you with the arrowhead.

They CAN jump obstacles and up to higher platforms.Pikemen: they can kill you with their spearhead.

They CAN jump obstacles.
Guards: they can kill you with their sword.

They CANNOT jump obstacles.
Their armor protect them from arrows but they have low vision.Common/Lava Bats: they can kill you with their claws.

They wake up when you are near and sleep when you are too far.

Lava Bats are faster than Common Bats but their attack zone is smaller.

Elusive/Common/Jumpy Spiders: they can kill you with their bite.

They wait on the ceil until you walk under them.

Elusive Spiders are the fastest/smallest and Jumpy Spiders are the slowest/biggest.

Elusive Spiders CANNOT jump and Jumpy Spiders jump higher than Common.Warlock Kulwoor: he can detect you if you stand by in the same room for a seconds (except if you are invisible) and then, appears in front of you attacking with lightning bolts.

He is ETHEREAL, so he can walk through walls.

You CANNOT kill him during the game. Dragon Glaurung:  he sleeps protecting an important chest. He is chained but can kill you with his fire.

He wakes up when you are near and sleeps when you are too far.

You CANNOT kill him. CHESTS
Red Chests: 9 + 1 (for the introduction, with a quiver of arrows).

The 9 chests contain:
- 6 spells / quiver of arrows: there are 9 spells and 9 quivers distributed randomly among the 3 Chests.
- 1 life.
- 1 key: to escape from the castle.
- 1 Light of Glaurung.

Blue Chests: 10.

They contain:
6 spells / quiver of arrows: there are 9 spells and 9 quivers distributed randomly among the 3 Chests.
- 1 life.
- 1 blue potion: immunity potion.
- 1 key: to access into the secret room.
- 1 Light of Glaurung.
Green Chests: 9 + 1 (for the introduction, with a key to access into the castle).

The 9 chests contain:
6 spells / quiver of arrows: there are 9 spells and 9 quivers distributed randomly among the 3 Chests.
- 1 life.
- 1 green potion: invisibility potion.
1 Light of Glaurung. SCORES
Chest: there are 30.1,000 points.
Enemy: number of enemies depends on the difficulty selected.1,000 points.
Key: there are 3.5,000 points.Light: there are 3.10,000 points.
Achievement: there are 3.100,000 points.

1. Discover all the castle.
2. Kill all enemies.
3. Get all chests.Escape from the castle:
200,000 points.
Release date
CheapeeSoft Games
Age rating
Not rated

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System requirements for Android

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Last Modified: Mar 4, 2022

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