The Pale Beyond

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Five years ago, The Viscount and its crew set sail into The Pale Passage in search of absolute magnetic South. The ship and its crew were tragically lost to the ice, never to be seen again. Her sister ship, The Temperance shall follow in her path, hoping to find answers where The Viscount failed.
You didn’t ask to lead this expedition but here you are: stuck in the ice, Captain missing, miles from civilization and everyone looking for you to lead. Manage your meager resources, balance safety and morale, make the hard calls and head in the only direction you can - into The Pale Beyond.
A polar exploration game set in an unforgiving frozen wasteland where you embark on a treacherous voyage across the ice and into the Pale Beyond. It’s a stunning yet harsh landscape that can change at any moment.
Every decision matters. As the expedition unfolds and the winter approaches, every decision you make will have a meaningful impact on the story as you navigate a way over the ice.
After the Captain mysteriously goes missing, you unwillingly take the position of Captain. You didn’t ask to lead this crew but here you are: stuck in the ice, miles from civilization and everyone looking for you to lead.
Keeping the crew and sled dogs safe, fed, and warm during an expedition is key for survival. Surviving the ice will matter little in the face of a mutiny, every vote will count. So keep the crew on your side.
Inspired by Victorian etchings and historic paintings of the time depicting the ice, each character and environment has been drawn by hand. The result is a unique artstyle with an expressive cast to see you through the cold and grim environment of the ice.

Release date
Bellular Studios
Fellow Traveller
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Not rated

System requirements for PC

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Last Modified: Jan 30, 2023

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