The Settlers (2019)

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Twenty-five years after the release of the first Die Siedler game, the world-famous building strategy series returns to the big PC stage. Under the leadership of Volker Wertich, the inventor of the series, the players in the world of The Settlers experience new, exciting adventures. After a devastating earthquake of mysterious origin forced to leave their homeland, the settlers set sail for a journey into the unknown, hoping to find a new home. Not only will you have countless challenges to overcome, but you will also become part of an ancient mystery that will change your life forever. In The Settlers explores, colonizes and conquers new islands embedded in a believable, medieval-inspired fantasy world. A REBOOT OF THE BRAND In The Settlers, the best modernized game elements in the series combine with brand new features such as the new food system or a motivating metagame to create a unique new gaming experience. The campaign can be played solo, as well as cooperative, with arbitrary side missions. ONLINE MULTIPLAYER Various multiplayer modes provide exciting skirmishes among the players and provide limitless long-term fun. THE LOVE FOR DETAIL ON A NEW LEVEL Never before, The Settlers was so buzzing, detail-loving and emotional. Every step in the production chain, every single product is visualized. Thousands of settlers follow their daily routine on every map and inspire the player with manifold emotions. STATE OF THE ART GRAPHIC Thanks to Ubisoft's own snowdrop engine, which is used by The Division among others, Die Siedler sets a new visual benchmark in the build-up strategy genre.
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Blue Byte
Ubisoft Entertainment
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