The Small Brave Knight: Adventure in the labyrinth

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Lets go on a new adventures with the Small Brave Knight! You are waiting for fascinating and interesting adventures in the labyrinths of the old and gloomy castle. Help the Small Brave Knight to overcome all the intricate maze and solve all the puzzles of the labyrinths. Be careful, because the labyrinths filled with a lot of traps. Don’t forget to inspect every maze of the labyrinth, in the labyrinths of the old castle you can find a lot of treasures. Darkness enveloped the old castle. In the maze, the Small Brave Knight uses a torch to make his way forward in a brilliant light. The main enemy of our hero is darkness. Follow the fascinating story and find out trials what await the Small Brave Knight in his adventures, and what our hero is looking for in a mysterious castle.

- Interesting mechanics. Due to the limited visibility of the level, passing labyrinths is much more complicated and interesting;
- Levels fill various traps and chests with treasures, which makes the game diverse and exciting;
- Several styles of passage. You can try to pass levels for a while, getting 3 stars for each level. Explore every corner of the maze and find all the hidden treasures. You can safely pass through all the labyrinths in order to find out what the Small Brave Knight will find at the end;
- Amazing atmosphere. The design of the whole game is made in a medieval style. A great music helps to feel like a hero;
- Every level was created manually. The game doesn’t use level generation. Every level is thought over in order to make it so interesting as possible. In this case, the initial position and output are different at each level, which complicates the task of finding an exit and makes the game more interesting.

The Small Brave Knight needs to go through many labyrinths. Labyrinths are located in different parts of the castle. During his travel, the Small Brave Knight will visit the green labyrinth, which blocks the way to entrance in castle. In this location, our hero is afraid of new traps. Gloomy old castle have a arsenal. In arsenal the Small Brave Knight will try to find some equipment for further adventures, which await him in maze. The old castle has a magnificent throne room. The Small Brave Knight will go through a dark dungeon. Help him to overcome all the traps and collect all the riches that are hidden in this dungeon.

Besides the fact that Small Brave Knight is very brave, smart, clever and purposeful, it has inventory, filled with various useful items. The wall torches are very useful for traveling. Available Small Brave Knights have a bomb. The castle is very old and it has a lot of fragile walls. Use this, place bombs near such walls. Fight with darkness in the labyrinths will help bright torches. They greatly increase the radius of visibility and help to find a way out of the maze. To quickly move Small Brave Knight uses speed potion. It gives him strength and endurance. The speed potion helps our hero to find the labyrinths exits as soon as possible, thus bringing him closer to the cherished goal. Also, you can combine a speed potion and bright torches at the same time, thereby making it much easier to find a way out of the labyrinth. The Small Brave Knight comes across a huge number of different death traps. Strong armor and fireproof armor will help to overcome troubles and save his life. Also there is a second type of armor - this is fireproof armor.

Do not forget to explore the castle. Starting with the chapter "Armory" you can find chests with treasures.  They can be found as coins needed to buy useful things, as well as chests may fall wall torches, bombs and lives. At many levels the path is blocked by doors. To open them, you need to find a lever, which can be placed in any area of  labyrinth.

News about game: - official website of game - group on facebook - twitter - group vkontakte

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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