The Stanley Parable reviews

The smartest game you will ever play.
«Blew my mind»
«Beaten more than once»
I can recognize what this game does narratively, it just went completely over my head
The Stanley Parable. Quite a quest. What an adventure. Walking. Paths. Endings. Top humour. A genius narrator, and we mustn't forget our dear Stanley.
 It's a walking simulator, but its EXCELLENT. Recommended without hesitation.
I get it. It ain't making me laugh bit I get it
Overall: 8/10
Gameplay: 5/10
Story: 8/10
Music: 5/10

I can't say much here, as I don't want to spoil it. Play the game. Just do it. The gameplay may not be exhilarating, but it never needed to be. The story may not be exhilarating, but it never needed to be. This is one of those games that will make you stand back in awe, multiple times, before diving back in for another run. It will blow your mind open, and make you think about games in a way you never had before. This game is the father of meta-games, and does what so many others have tried and failed to do: make you question your own reality as the gamer.
«Blew my mind»
«Liked before it became a hit»
Yeah . Started awesome . I got bored after finding 7 endings. maybe I'll check them slowly one by one. Great concept and the narrator's interactions were funny and awesome.
The Stanley Parable is more than a video game, it's an existential essay on video games themselves.

One of the first in the genre of "walking simulator" games, The Stanley Parable follows the titular character, Stanley, as he explores an office devoid of other people.  His job had been to watch a computer screen and push the buttons on the keyboard as the screen directed.  A direct parallel to what we do when we play a video game.

However, once you've broken out of the rote actions of responding to the output of the video screen, you can explore the true nature of narrative construction and presentation that only the Video Game format can provide.  There's 18 different endings, and each play through the game exposes another layer of genius.

You can beat the game in less than five minutes, but it can take hours to explore the whole thing.

Unfortunately, to talk any further without spoilers really requires you to have played the game already.  So do it!  It's easy to throw around terms like "Exceptional," but this game is the cream of the crop.

It's a perennial Steam Sale classic and deserves a slot in everyone's game inventory.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
7/10.  First game I ever played, and it was so mind-blowing at the time. Still might be to some people. Either way, very fun and funny with amazing narration.
Just play it.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
"The Stanley Parable" is a Game that ... I'll start again. "The Stanley Parable" is a ... Experiment that's about ... No, don't look right at the Standings. If You look at the Evaluation now, then all my Work is in vain, then You don't need to read the whole Review anymore, if You ... You looked, didn't you? Just when I was talking about it. I Probably shouldn't have talked about it at all, because if I hadn't talked about it, you wouldn't have looked at the Standings at all. But then this whole Text would be pointless now, if You had not looked at the Evaluation, then my Objection and every Word that You would read now would be completely unnecessary, because You would have just read the Review on like that, quite openly, quite frank and free. , quite carefree, if I hadn't put You off it with my Comment, which would have been completely unnecessary ... Somehow we were at a fray. So again from scratch: "The Stanley Parable" is a Parable that-as the Word suggests-works structurally primarily with the Ironization of Meta-levels, which are present in the Substructure of the Convolutiation ... You don't listen properly at all, are you? Admit, You just didn't listen properly at all, thought of something else or nothing at all, cleared your Head. Such an intellectual Brain Jerk, You have surely thought to Yourself. And that's up to me, just about me and how unstringent I write my Reviews. As I jump from one to and be, with no Structure, no logic. I do this so badly. In doing so, I can actually, that is, deal with Language and so, somehow I believe it at least that way. Why are You still surrender with me? You already know that this will no longer lead to anything, that I will no longer get to a Point, no longer write criticism and yet You continue to read, read and read as if You had nothing else to do, nothing better. You could do something else. Call Your Mother, for Example, or have a Beer with a friend. Instead, You read and read this endless String of Trivialities, let yourself be lulled, believe there is something behind it, behind this Chaos of text. Some Sense, one Goal, one meaning. But there is no such thing. You projezier them into it. I never wanted anything with this Text, I didn't want to confuse or exitate, my only Goal was to write a Review. A Review that Will take You further, make It easier for you to make the Purchase Decision, Inform You. But please, if You don't want to hear that at all, I can also write about something completely different, about Poems. Or Fontane, once Fontane read? Worth it. Everything is clearly structured, since You can already read the blueprint for the whole novel on the first Page at the description of the house. Genuine. But instead of reading something like that, you sit there and still read this Inconsequential Garbage, this babble that at some Point just sank wi rating: 10/10 Atmosphere 8/10 Graphics 10/10 Sound 8/10 game mechanics 9/10 Balancing 9/10 Gameplay depth 10/10 Game pass conclusion: "The Stanley Parable "is a Game ... I'll start again. Only one thing more: The (English) Speaker is divine. 10/10 Overall Rating