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Twist, tilt and turn in this innovative handheld experience!

Delivering an innovative way to experience handheld gaming, Tony Hawk’s
Motion and Hue Pixel Painter utilizes the Motion Pack, developed by
Kionix, Inc., to feature accelerometer technology on the Nintendo DS.

In Tony Hawk’s Motion players can twist, tilt and turn through numerous
skateboarding sessions and for the first time in franchise history, the
game brings snowboarding to its line-up adding to the more than 20
diverse mini-challenges available including new ones like Rail Hopper
and Slalom and familiar ones like Hawk-Man and High Score.

Once players finish grinding through locales like Tokyo, Dubai, Vermont
and the Alps, they can switch gears and dip into the action-oriented
puzzler Hue Pixel Painter. Uncovering sources of paint below the
ground’s surface, players take Hue through various landscapes bringing
color back to a dreary environment and defending against the Drabs who
have set out to leave the world gray and bland.

• Built for the DS from the ground up: Plug in the Motion Pack for a
whole new way to experience handheld gaming. The Motion Pack seamlessly
fits into the GBA slot turning the DS into a motion sensing controller.

• Same intuitive gameplay, Two unique experiences: The
accelerometer-based control mechanism offers players innovative and
original gameplay for two separate games in one package. Players take
full control of characters by tilting, twisting and moving the DS to
skate and snowboard in Tony Hawk’s Motion or bring color to a dull world
in Hue Pixel Painter.

• Snowboarding introduced to the Tony Hawk franchise: Tony Hawk’s Motion
brings an all-new experience to the franchise by introducing
snowboarding for the first time with the help of pro snowboarder Todd

• Bring life and color to the world: In Hue Pixel Painter, quickly
connect paint filled pools to transform still, barren wastelands into
living landscapes of lush sounds and vivid color one element at a time.

• Exclusive music by top DJ/Remixer J. Period: Skate and snowboard in
Tony Hawk’s Motion to constant beats and tempos mixed by one of the
industry’s fastest-rising DJ/Remixers, J. Period.

• High replay value and gameplay variety: Players will glide through
more than 10 levels as they bring color to various landscapes while
preventing the vicious Drabs from devouring the color and essence from
the world in Hue Pixel Painter or change gears with Tony Hawk’s Motion
to face more than 20 skate and snowboarding challenges across four world

System requirements for Nintendo DS

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Last Modified: Sep 5, 2021

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