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Toukiden: Kiwami

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"Toukiden: Kiwami" is a hunting action game where players take on the role of a Slayer possessing unique abilities, and battle the Oni to save mankind from destruction.
To defeat these huge Oni, players band together to sever, pierce, and crush parts of the Oni using the Targeted Destruction System!
Multiplayer for up to 4 players is supported.
Sever! Pierce! Crush! -Targeted Destruction System-
Some of the Oni players will encounter are many times the size of a human. Defeating these require more than simply attacking. Players must sever a part from the Oni's body, pierce it, and then crush it in order to destroy it. The appropriate use of blade or bow, and cooperation between friendly Slayers is the only way to successfully defeat an Oni!
Spirits of Heroes of Japan's Past (Mitama)
When Oni are beaten, they release captured spirits called Mitama. These Mitama can take residence in weapons and aid the Slayer unlock certain special powers for use against the Oni. There are a wide variety of powers and players can enjoy creating their own original equipment. Also, each of these 300 Mitama from across time come with a special illustration and voice, making them fun to collect.
An Original World painted in Japanese history
The story is set in a world set apart in time and space by the power of the Oni. The player starts as a rookie Slayer in a Slayer village called Utakata and fights the Oni in areas that display characteristics of time periods ranging from ancient days to the early Shogunate.
Friends and Allies
There to show this new rookie around are the veterans Slayers of the Utakata village. These warriors, including Ouka, a swordswoman with no equal in the organization, will guide and train the player as together they battle the Oni and save the human race.
* The images are from an in-development build and may differ from the final version.

Release date
Koei Tecmo
Koei Tecmo Games
Age rating
13+ Teen

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 (64bit required)
  • Processor: Core i7 870 2.8GHz or better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 640*480 pixel over, High Color
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 21 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c over
  • OS: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 (64bit required)
  • Processor: Core i7 2600 3.4GHz or better
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1980*1080 pixel over, True Color
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 21 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c over

System requirements for PSP

System requirements for PlayStation 4

System requirements for PS Vita

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Last Modified: Sep 4, 2023

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Sole Slayer
Slay an Ultimate-class Snowflame with no companions. *Excluding Infinite Missions.
Overlord of the Eye of Truth
Complete all of the missions available in "Toukiden: Kiwami."
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Acquire all weapons of any weapon category available in "Toukiden: Kiwami."
The Ultimate Slayer
All trophies obtained.
Long Live the King
Slay an Ultimate-class Cimmerian King with no armor or companions. *Excluding Infinite Missions.
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Toukiden: Kiwami reviews and comments

«Sit back and relax»
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I have never written a Review, but I thought I was trying my way. First of all, this Game is not a Monster Hunter. If you're more likely to clump Dino-/Dragon-like Opponents, you won't necessarily get their Money's worth here. Otherwise, however, the Monster Hunter Feeling comes out very nicely again. One slaughters heavier and ever larger Opponents, in Search of Materials, and then forge from these various Weapons and Armor. -Weapons In Toukiden Kiwami there Are 9 Types of weapons-Sword, Double Knife, Spear, Gloves, Necklace & Sickle, Bow, Mace, nail and Rifle. Each Weapon has a different Mechanic And therefore plays differently from any other Weapon. Weapons have the Values of Attack, Attribute and Precision. Attack and Attribute determined the Weapon's Attack. Attribute is elementary attack. So If a Weapon is an Example of 705 Attack and 308 Sky Attribute, the Weapon hits Sky-sensitive Enemies with more Damage based on Attribute value. Precision is the Chance of a critical Hit. This Chance is calculated as follows-100*((Total Precision x 2)/Total Attack). This means that if the precision Remains the same, the critical Chance Of hitting decreases as the Attack value increases. Weapons also have between 0 and 3 Pedestals. A so-called Mitama can be socked and unsoaked into each pedestal. But more on that in The Mitama point. -Armor In Toukiden Kiwami There is no Distinction between light and heavy Armor. You can also wear any Armor with any Weapon. The Armor has the Values of Defense, Sky, Wind, fire, Water and Earth-that is, The Resistance to the respective Elements. In Addition, a full matching Armor gives a Set Bonus. This differs depending on The Armor-Mitama Mitama Are almost the Souls of fallen Heroes. Each Mitama has a "Fighting Style." Of these Fighting Styles, there are 10 different ones, each with 4 Skills, one of which is always a Self-healing. In addition to these Abilities, each Mitama has different passive Effects. A Mitama Learns these passive effects at each Level-Up, where you can only have 3 passive Effects at the same Time on the Mitama. On the Maximum, there is then the possibility to exchange the passive Effects of Mitama as desired. In Addition, each Mitama on the Maximum Has a 4th passive Effect, which cannot be replaced. -More Features After a While you get a Tenko, a two-tailed Fox, which you have to keep happy with Snacks and can send to the different Regions for the collection Of materials. In addition, at some point you will become Captain of the whole Troupe and can send NPCs into already completed missions to collect Materials as well. While the Tenko collects Materials lying around the Area, the NPCs bring Materials from Opponents. In addition, there are later Missions in which waves come To Monsters, an Encyclopedia in which defeated Enemies can be looked at and Weaknesses can be found out, an Offering box where you can get a passive Effect for a little Money. In a Pool next to the House you can get Swimming and also passive Effects and at the Guardian Tree you also get Materials for some Money. -Disadvantages While I like all of this very much, there is a small Shortcoming For me. I really liked Riding Monster Hunter and similar Games like Gods Eater Burst or Lord of Arcana with Mates at the Time, because Monster Clopping I've just always liked the team better. In Toukiden Kiwami this is also possible (in SIngleplayer you can take NPCs with you and In Multiplayer you can play with other Players), but various Quests, for Example to expand the Item bearing And The Weapon box, can unfortunately only be accepted in Single Player Be. In addition, these Quests are only unlocked if you have played in the Single-player Story-/mission far enough. This means that you have to do it more or less again in the Single player at The latest after 5 or 6 Chapters, which you have to do more or less again in order to always have enough Space for Materials. You can then complete the Quests in Multiplayer, as it usually only involves collecting certain Materials or Laying different Monsters. Conclusion: I have had many Hours of Fun in Toukiden Kiwami. The Benefits outweigh the Disadvantages. I paid the Full Price for the Game, but can understand if the Game is not Worth €60th to someone. But there are numerous Sales on Steam, in which the Game can also be picked up for less Money. I hope the Review has helped some of you:)
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