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TREBUCHET! The Industry Award Winning, All Original, Beautifully Simple New Classic!

***** Game of The Year 2014 games industry awards finalist! *****
***** Best Social Game of 2014 games industry awards finalist! *****
***** Top Paid game in Europe (apptracker) *****
***** Critically acclaimed by top Selling international Newspapers including The Sunday Times *****
***** Top Featured Game at indiecade 2014 - www.indiecade.com *****
***** Critically acclaimed by Samsung, TIGA, IndieCade, The Sunday Times and IGF! *****
***** Top Paid game in 13 countries worldwide *****

Each player starts with a set of balls and pieces, moving their blocks around to free their balls and then tilting the board to align them. Roll your balls into an enemy block and it is destroyed, with the aim of eliminating the enemies King piece, or reaching the opposing Kings corner with your king - First!

The Press:

"A Rare Game!" "Immensely Pleasurable!" "Deceptively Simple" "A Wonderful Design Job... I can almost feel the board underneath my fingertips!" "Something great here!" - IndieCade

"A Digital Original!" "Real Strategic Depth" "A Great Game!" - The Sunday Times

"A Classic Gameplay Experience!" "Really Cool!" - Chillingo / 100% indie (EA)

"It fits the famous rule: 'minutes to learn, a lifetime to master!'... Brilliant game!" - IGF

TREBUCHET! The all original new classic, the first game of its kind, and a game of Skill, Strategy, Spatial awareness and Surprise, can be played fast or slow, casually or seriously, offering fun for all ages, skill levels and abilities. Anyone who loves strategy games, brain trainers, kinetic, puzzle or casual games will simply love TREBUCHET and all the fast paced kinetic fun it has to offer!

A game for life, with tons of free updates including multiplayer, leaderboards and much much more - coming soon! Get TREBUCHET today and let battle commence…

TREBUCHET: noun: a medieval catapult used for hurling large stones or other missiles at enemy objects!

*********** FEATURES! **********

- THE Award winning, official TREBUCHET game with original artwork!
- ALL NEW - colourful boards and pieces included in this pack!
- 1 and 2 player support!
- Challenge friends and family!
- Play against the computer and test your skills against three competitive difficulty levels designed for both beginner and advanced players!
- Explosive play! In game animated explosions for realistic - full user engagement!
- Fully immersive - explosive and kinetic sound effects!
- Virtual 3D movement!
- Fully customisable gameplay settings!
- Clear, intuitive, animated instructions - including ‘Quick start guide’ to get you playing within minutes!
- Animated, full instructions, hints and tips for the more advanced players!
- Beautiful, clean, intuitive layout, design and interaction!
- Intuitive and clear in game statistics!
- Endless mind crunching scenarios – no two games are ever the same!
- Cross Platform Multiplayer support - coming soon!
- Cross Platform Local Network and WIFI Play - Coming soon!
- New, exciting boards, sets and other features - Coming Soom!


- Game features and updates driven by your feedback!
- Frequent updates - driven by your feedback.
- Lots more NEW - FREE updates and in-game additions to come!

******************* TREBUCHET - FIRE AWAY! ******************
Release date
iconical Ltd.
iconical Ltd.
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for macOS

  • OS: Mac OS X v10.6, v10.7, v10.8, or v10.9
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ Duo 1.83GHz or faster
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Storage: 27 MB available space

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows
  • Processor: 300 MHz
  • Memory: 128 MB RAM
  • Storage: 11 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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TREBUCHET reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Game: A very unknown Game from England which you are a Kind of Mixture of Abalone and Chess. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Single Player: You have to Hit the King in the Corner by The opponent, you have to work your Way with the Corner stones for his Balls. Per turn you have 3 Steps you can take to better align your Balls. With the Balls you can destroy the Blocks or Balls of the Opponent, 2 Balls destroy one block 3 Balls an Opponent's ball. There Are several Levels of difficulty that are available to Choose from that really have it all if you don't have a Partner at Home. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Multiplayer: The Multiplayer Mode is only possible Eatery on a PC. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Graphic: The Graphics are OK, it's enough to Play. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Music: Music doesn't just make Noises. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Control: The Control very well with the Mouse. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pro/Contra: + Very good Controls-Flashgame-No Full screen-game board not faithful to The original (too small)-non-movable Camera-many Promises from the Developer that He does not keep ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Conclusion: The Game would have Potential if it had been implemented better. It is certainly understandable that Game board is much smaller than it is in the Original, but you could have done something more than a Flashgame, which does not even offer a Movable Camera. The worst thing, however, is that you can find Information on future Updates on the Steam Shop page which, however, since Release (30.07.2015) never came here a small Excerpt: Originally posted by shop page: A Game for life, with Tons of Free Updates including Multiplayer, Leaderboards and much more-come soon! Get TREBUCHET today, and let the Battle begin ... Originally posted by Shop page:-Cross Platform local Network and WIFI play-coming soon! -Cross-platform Multiplayer Support-coming soon! -New, exciting again Felle-Coming Soom!. Originally posted by Shop page: * * * ZUSÄTZLICHE FEATURES * * *-Game Features and Updates driven by Your Feedback! -Regular updates-driven by Your Feedback. -Many more NEW-Free Updates and Enhancements in-game-Coming Soon!. I think more than that you don't have to say about the Game, even the Developer doesn't respond to Emails about it. So If you want to play it with a Friend on a PC, you're certainly well cared for here for a short time. The Price of charging a small Flashgame 9.99-€is really way too expensive, I would only take it gifted in hindsight as paying a Penny for It. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Summarized: Single player: 2/10 Multiplayer: 2/10 Graphic: 4/10 Music: 0/10 Control: 9/10-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------Game: 3/10
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