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Welcome to V017AGE.

As the robot V017 ("Volt"), use your Grapple Plug and your Newton-FG gravity gun to explore an abandoned lab.

Grapple onto white objects, siphon Energy with your Grapple Plug by launching it at yellow objects, activate red devices using the Grapple Plug, and modify purple objects' gravity by firing bullets from the Newton-FG. Watch out for spikes.

This project is in active development. Our next major update is scheduled to release on October 31st, 2022. Thank you for taking a look at our game!

Controls (Normal)
  • Hold A or D to move left or right.
  • Press or hold Space to jump. Hold S to drop quickly while in midair.
  • Left click to fire the Newton-FG Gravity Gun while Energy is in Battery meter.
  • Right click to fire the Grapple Plug. Right click again while it is out to retract it.
  • Press the arrow keys to alter the gravity inflicted by the Newton-FG's bullets.
  • Press the Escape key to quit the game.
Controls (While Grappling)
  • Hold A or D to swing left or right.
  • Hold W to pull towards the Grapple Plug or hold S to pull away from it.
  • Right click or press Space to retract the Grapple Plug.
  • Joshua Eddy: Programmer
  • Gavin Jackson: Game and Level Designer
  • Cleo Johnson: Lead Artist
  • Nabil Tagba: Producer, Programmer
  • Adam Garwacki: Lead Programmer, Artist
  • Using 2D Movement Script by Tactical Programmer under Apache License 2.0
  • Using Sci-fi Lab - Tileset / Decor / Traps by FoozleCC (itch.io) under CC0 License
Game Specifications

Download size (Zipped): 26.2 MB
Download size (Unzipped): 70.9 MB
Platform: Windows 64-bit

Release date
Team OHM
gavin jackson
Adam Garwacki
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for Web

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Last Modified: Oct 24, 2022

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