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Kill, drink, and kill some more in WASTED, a roguelike post-apocalyptic pub crawler set in a lawless wasteland that lives and dies by the rules “Get wasted, or get wasted trying.”

When a thermonuclear blitzkrieg deprives America of its greatest minds, the very hardiest specimens of humanity cling on to life. From the ashes of old America, a new world emerges, and an ersatz, post-apocalyptic, stillborn 80’s continues indefinitely, populated entirely by the toughest, meanest, and outright dumbest of God’s creations, the Wasters.

Live the life of a Waster, fighting tooth and nail, bullets and baseball bats over the most precious of unnatural resources, a liquid from beneath the sands that fuels all of un-civilization: Booze. Gain strange mutational Hangovers and explore the Coolers, mysterious underground bunkers, in search of powerful weapons, impressive armor, and a nice stiff drink to top it all off. Who knows, maybe you'll uncover some old world secrets while you're at it.

Or don't, because death comes quick in the Western Wastes, and what's yours today just might be picked off your pile of guts tomorrow.KEY FEATURES
Get Wasted...
Customize your character through the S.H.O.T.S. system by drinking irradiated bottles of Booze. Gain powerful Hangovers and mutate yourself with a myriad of permanent abilities. Bolster your strengths by wearing gnarly, 80's inspired clothing, and arm yourself with an impressive array of things to beat, shoot, disintegrate, or explode your enemies with!

...Or Get Wasted Trying
Explore giant, procedurally generated Coolers in search of loot, but beware vicious raiders, disgusting mutants, and a plethora of deadly traps that'll stop at nothing to turn you into a messy pile of guts. Make your way to the bottom-most level of the Cooler in any way you choose: sneaking your way past your foes, obliterating them with brute force, or maybe even fooling them into fighting one another. Scrounge up ammo and items from your surroundings and loot the bodies of dead enemies for their stuff. Just take care not to overextend yourself - when your character dies, they're gone for good.

Carve Out Your Own Little Slice Of The Wastes
Build up your persistent player home and keep it stocked with weapons and supplies to keep you alive and ticking. Carve out your own little slice of the wastes by fitting your house with amenities like workbenches, kitchens, and gardens and decorate it with junk you find through your travels. Should the wastelands relieve you of your livelihood, your stuff will live on for the next Waster who stumbles upon your home.

Leave Your Mark
The choices you make and the way you act will have profound effects on the future of the Western Wastes. Visit the various locales of the Western Wastes of California, trade sheets of TP for valuable supplies, and help other Wasters out by taking on their requests. Make friends with the wasteland's, um, more "interesting" personalities, and you'll be rewarded with unique goods and services. Who knows, you might even end up altering the future of the wastelands forever!
Release date
Mr. Podunkian
Adult Swim Games
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Dedicated graphics card with 512MB VRAM and Shader model 3.0
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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WASTED reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Well then ... Since I put ka 8 std in a char ... Nice The S.O.B. Rüssi 4 Relatively good shot weapons (for CA-1 does not know how it is in the other Vau ... Coolern is) 6 hangovers ... And ne Trap kills me-.-you can still be as buffed up as you want the game to be unforgivable. 10 out of 10 Wasters ... ... Would run back into arguably the safest Trap ever,.
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
This too good has good graphics, lots of items and good history a variety of weapons and enemies and many levels the only bad thing I find is that you have 7 minutes to explore each floor before a robot with machine gun you go to find and kill you which not t Iene sense since being a game of exploration and you should look for weapons, food and medicines but thanks to this robot can not explore every corner because in the less you get the killer robot very badly done because we want to explore the whole map not above 8/10 Uni Bad co I saw was that they force you not to investigate
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
The game is original but for me the truth is that after an hour of play is insufficient, I'm missing things, objects do not know well some to serve as some statistics do not explain them, and control is horrendous. However I can not fail to recognize the merit given that before trying it thought it was going to be a turd with legs. That Said What I will uninstall, does not call me to the point of continuing to play, if you explain a little things maybe but This is not one of these occasions in which I would like to value with a numerical note, given that sincerely , I do not think a juegazo but also a ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ to "discourage" and in the absence of something more just have to value positive because.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I love Payday, Payday 2, Borderlands, Fallout, Binding of isaac (and roguelikes in general). In my special case count in RAGE aswell) If this is the case for you as well, you know whats troubling: After those games theres nothing left. - Not anymore. Wasted combines all of these games. (while making fun of them) But so far i can say: This game is well balanced, and - whats most important: The ratio of Skill / Levelling is kinda up to you. No need to to "GIT GUD" if ure already gud. Youre good? Prove it. This game has permadeath, deal with it. At least you can transfer a part of your items and your house. Imagine Borderlands gameplay and graphics with Binding of isaac progression mechanics - there u go. But the longer you dont die the better you get. Thumbs up i love this game, youll love it too. you should buy it. At least twice
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