Weird West reviews

I like the start. I hope it expands a bit more. I’m not getting that many upgrades quickly but it’s not bad. I like the vibes mostly. 

Beat the first story. I liked it but I think the pacing is off. I get it’s 5 short stories but there should be faster progression. I was saving up upgrade materials but finished before I had enough for a single gun upgrade. I didn’t really spend much money except on one better vest. And I upgraded the character specific skill tree but not a single skill that carries over. I was doing side stuff too so I’m not sure why the progression is so slow. Maybe the later stories move quicker.

The opening to the second story is awesome. I’m a cursed pig man and there’s this tree that’s suicidal and wants to be killed to release all the other cursed pig men.

Starting the third story. The windigo hunter one. Again I like the story so far. The setting, and tone of the game are pretty great but the RPG mechanics still don’t feel very well flushed out. That’s what’s holding this back from a B+ currently.

I just unlocked my first weapon ability. Which there are 15 of in total. And Im halfway through the third campaign. Im going to finish this game with maybe 2 or 3 of these abilities. That seems poorly paced. I feel like I’ve been searching areas and doing side
Missions too. Im mostly focusing on the main story but I’m still exploring a bit.

Finished the third journey. I got a bunch of upgrades at the end so now my guns are all gold and I have 3 permanent abilities unlocked. I may call it quits now or maybe I’ll dive back in for the next two stories. Not sure yet. They aren’t bad but I might have gotten about as much as I’m going to get out of them.

Ya I’m done. The vibes were better than the game mechanics. It seems like there’s more going on in the game than I think there actually is. 

Final Score: B
This game induces heavily mixed feelings. On one hand, it's a decently made and (relatively) bug-free old-school Alien Shooter-like gameplay experience in a modern shell of a nice physics engine and (relatively) decent graphics with a somewhat coherent and more or less unique atmosphere. On the other hand, the overall experience feels hopelessly mediocre. The lack of a soundtrack to talk about, SFX clearly reused from open libraries, awfull NPC AI, unbalanced difficulty scaling with no golden middle to be found, weird and somewhat counterintuitive default key bindings and overall control scheme, poor crafting mechanics awkardly crammed into the game - all of these and many other flaws present in Weird West seem minute and insignificant in the bigger picture, but sadly the sheer amount of them makes for a bland and generally unimpressive experience.
The game is still very much playable and there's some fun still to be had for sure, but I was hoping for much, much more than that.
Controller camera kills any fun.
«Disappointment of the year»