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Weird West review
by MrSpanky

Controller camera kills any fun.
«Disappointment of the year»

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This game induces heavily mixed feelings. On one hand, it's a decently made and (relatively) bug-free old-school Alien Shooter-like gameplay experience in a modern shell of a nice physics engine and (relatively) decent graphics with a somewhat coherent and more or less unique atmosphere. On the other hand, the overall experience feels hopelessly mediocre. The lack of a soundtrack to talk about, SFX clearly reused from open libraries, awfull NPC AI, unbalanced difficulty scaling with no golden middle to be found, weird and somewhat counterintuitive default key bindings and overall control scheme, poor crafting mechanics awkardly crammed into the game - all of these and many other flaws present in Weird West seem minute and insignificant in the bigger picture, but sadly the sheer amount of them makes for a bland and generally unimpressive experience.
The game is still very much playable and there's some fun still to be had for sure, but I was hoping for much, much more than that.